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The Ashes

By late 2010 these 1.5 Australian’s had visited and “researched” more than 500 great pubs in London (Jonno was born in London, but fled to the sunny colony in the late 1990s and now claims he’s Australian – a fact Troy will only recognise once Jonno has endured Australia suffering a few more humiliating Ashes defeats, maybe by 2014?) 

They have distilled these top London pubs into the best 200 or so for your devouring (using our FREE pub crawl PDFs or going on one of our guided pub crawls/walks). 

This blog will cover pub news, gossip, obsverations and their thoughts on all things pubs. Stay informed, join our monthly newsletter at the bottom of our home page.

Pubs set to reap the rewards of the 2015 Rugby World Cup

It is less than a year to the start of the 2015 Rugby World Cup in Britain. Ticket sales have been good and it can be expected that the cost of attending the games will continue to increase as those … Continue reading

Beer Trading

There is a new web site that has been set up to allow people to trade unwanted items (wives not allowed) in exchange for beer. It is understood that the site was given a cease and desist notice from the … Continue reading

Saving British Pubs

There was a Tom hanks film many years ago called Saving Private Ryan. A story about the Americans travelling through war torn Europe to find a soldier who had served his time (OK all of his brothers had died to … Continue reading

The Worlds End – A Classic British Pub Crawl

Fans of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, known for those great movies, Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Paul and the lesser known Burke and Hare, can rejoice as they have come up with yet another quirky film. The plot … Continue reading

The end of the beer tie – Great London Pubs may be free to serve more craft beer

For a very long time, many pubs in London have been tied houses. This means that the tenant of the pub is required to purchase their beer from the lessor. Normally this is where the brewery owns the pub and … Continue reading

What is a Pub Crawl?

Pub crawls and pub walks have been around since the dawn of pubs. I was once told that the pub crawl was invented by two under-age looking students, who in days before photographic ID, walked from pub to pub in … Continue reading


The east end of London has been made famous by Jack the Ripper and the BBC TV show Eastenders. Perhaps neither is an ideal way to promote one of London’s most culturally diverse areas. The East End was seen to … Continue reading

Santas favourite tipple

So what makes a big fat jolly man so jolly? Something we have mused on for quite a while now and our dear Santa certainly has a bit of a belly to put it all away.  We reckon he must have been … Continue reading

Christmas in London Festive Pubs and Great Nights Out

Is it really that time of the year again???? Sitting in the office the rain is splattering the window and we are discussing what to get our friends and family for Christmas. Really we should be discussing such important matters … Continue reading

Ghouls, Ghosts, Witches and Fireworks. Its Halloween and Bonfire Night all over London (time for a beer we think)

Outside its wet and the evenings are getting dark pretty early. Autumn is setting in and the weather getting wet and cold (OK, so it is most of the year!). At this time of the year as the seasons turn … Continue reading

Beer and the Traditional British Cuisine – A Wander Through London’s East End and a Curry in Brick Lane

As the rain pats softly against the window we are contemplating where to go for our ritual Friday night beers. The pub down the road is getting boring as we always end up there and we know so many great … Continue reading

A fruity delight in North London, Camden, Kentish Town. One of London’s Best Pubs

The hub-bub and bustle of Camden Town can be full-on during London’s warm summer months. Full of tourists and Londoners alike, supping an ale on the canal side or in one of the famous music venues. But where can you … Continue reading

Best London Bars For Live Music

Here at the London Pub Crawl Company we love a bit of live music and our friend Steven has done some nifty research below: Half a century has passed since the explosion of pop music known as the British Invasion, … Continue reading

Olympic Dreams Smashed Like Shop Windows – The Australians Are Definitely in Town!

There was an article on the news the other night regarding an Australian Olympian who was arrested by the Police for damaging shops windows. I didn’t hear if he had actually won a gold medal, as that would be a … Continue reading

London 2012 Olympics is hot – so cool down with a nice beer in a Great London Pub

Well, after much media attention on the “corporate Games”, the 2012 London Olympics has started. Just a few days in and no gold medals for team GB yet, but there’s a while to go, so let’s get behind our Olympic … Continue reading

The Guide to Stratford Pubs – Travelling to the Olympics – Get the low down on all the pubs in Stratford

It is only 1 week before the Olympic games starts here in lovely London town. So whether you are a local or a tourist flying in from America, Europe or even down-under, you need to know what the pubs in … Continue reading

Great pubs and a pub walk along Regent’s Canal in East London near the Olympics

As we’re staying not far from the London Olympic stadium we went exploring one day last week, to see if we could find any great East London pubs we could include in our Best London Pubs iPhone app. We walked … Continue reading

The worlds best pub – One of the Best Pubs in London

In my travels around the world I am always looking for that perfect pub. An awesome pub that you just feel comfortable sitting in with a half pint and a paper, or on a bender with your mates. So when … Continue reading

Fun things to do in London south of the Thames – Gin Bar, Brewery and French wine bar near Borough Market, City Hall, Tower and London Bridge

After living in London for 4 years (some of that near Borough Market and London Bridge Tube Station) I thought I knew all the great things to do in London south of the river. Especially to do with beer, wine, … Continue reading

5 things to do in London when visiting for the 2012 Olympics – London pub walk is our number one

Here are 5 great things to do when visiting London, especially for the 2012 London Olympics. 1. Try an ale in a great pub in London Of course, the number one thing we are going to recommend is to download … Continue reading

All Change at the Imperial Arms – Great Suburban Pubs in London

It was a long time ago when I used to venture down to the Imperial Arms in Chislehurst with my then girlfriend. It had always been a nice friendly local pub, so you can understand my horror when I returned … Continue reading

A trip to London’s Olympic Arena to find great pubs in London!

In our continued search to bring you the best pubs in London, we ventured out east to the locality of Stratford. The London Olympics will be held here and it can be expected that the area will be flooded with … Continue reading

The best way to watch all the Olympic games – in a great London pub

Excitement is growing in London and around the world as the 2012 London Olympics draw ever closer. But can you get tickets for all the events you want to watch? If you haven’t got them by now, then you have … Continue reading

The best pub walking tour of pubs in London for the 2012 Olympics

We know London pubs, and, there are a lot of them. How many pubs in London? Over 7,000 at last count. And no, we haven’t been to all of them but more than 500. Yep, the 2 founders personally visited … Continue reading

Crippling beer taxes to close more great London pubs

Over the last 4 years the beer tax in the UK has climbed more than 40 per cent. Just as the GFC kicked off, the government made it even tougher for this iconic and unique industry which undoubtedly supports the drive for … Continue reading

The Best London Pubs and the Queens Jubilee – A Great Weekend for Sure!

London, it’s getting exciting!  Perhaps it’s the thought of better weather and enjoying a great British Pint at one of London’s best pubs that has us in a lively mood. Perhaps it’s the fact that the Queens jubilee celebrations are … Continue reading

Will the beer run out for the London Olympics?

A few weeks ago the Lord Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, raised a concern that the pubs could run out of beer during the London Olympics. This was a serious concern and hopefully has made breweries and publicans have a … Continue reading

Queen Elizabeth II, The Queens Jubilee and a Flotilla Down the Thames. The best London Pubs on the River Thames

It’s not long now until the Queens Jubilee comes into full swing. It’s amazing to think Her Royal Highness has ruled over us for 60 years! Surprisingly, she is not the longest ruling Monarch in England – that was Queen … Continue reading

A Yard of Ale – Something Even Prime Ministers Do!

As Troy and I were researching London’s best pubs we stumbled into the Hat and Tun, up by the Leather Lane markets. Behind the bar was a rather dusty yard of ale glass. We started to chat with the barman … Continue reading

The best beauty treatments – and beer! Rarely found in London’s best pubs

During a break from my research on London’s best pubs, I was sitting in the doctors surgery and picked up a copy of one of those women’s magazines to pass the time. I was caught by an article talking about … Continue reading

Excuse me barman! There is a fish in my beer! And other London Pub stories

Well that may sound rather odd to a lot of you, but honest it’s true! We have heard some “corka’s” during our research of the 7,000 London pubs, to whittle them down to the best 160 pubs in London listed … Continue reading

London’s pubs asked not to run dry for the 2012 London Olympics

We are very excited to put our support behind the 2012 London Olympics, in the way only we know how – guide visitors to London to only the best 160 pubs in the pub capital of the world! Using our … Continue reading

London pubs in Victoria, Pimlico, Buckingham Palace, Westminster, River Thames

A Lack of Pubs in Victoria I once worked on Victoria Street and had to catch the train in from the suburbs. That was along time ago, but the area around Victoria has not changed much. It’s still dreary and … Continue reading

The best London pubs may result in a hangover!

How much for a Hangover? In recent news it has been reported that an increasing number of Britans are suffering with hangovers. Recent Government figures show that we drink an average of 5,800 pints of beer in our life time. … Continue reading

Welcome to 2012, the year of the London Olympics and London Pubs

The party is over, the turkey is all gone and the hangover from New Years Eve feels like a dim memory. Welcome to 2012, a year of surprises (maybe) and the London Olympics. It will do London so much good … Continue reading

Great new beers in Londons best pubs. Created by Fullers

We got excited in the office the other day. It does not happen often, normally birthdays and Christmas, but the other day was different. No, we didn’t find London’s best pub, nor a new pub that we fell in love … Continue reading

More ‘free house’ pubs close than tenanted or leased pubs in the UK and London

While we have pointed out in early 2011 that fewer London and UK pubs were closing than a year or so earlier, interesting figures show a huge gap between ‘free house’ pubs, and tenanted or leased pubs. A ‘free house’ … Continue reading

Christmas Cheer and Beer! Best Wishes from the London Pub Crawl Company

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. Clement Clarke Moore (1779 – 1863) Well, he obviously didn’t have kids! I don’t know any household that can be considered … Continue reading

The best pubs and beer for Christmas and the best London pubs

It has been a good year 2011, but sadly in two weeks it will be all over. But first there is turkey and pudding to be eaten, presents to be unwrapped and hangovers to be shook off! This is such … Continue reading

The best London pubs are now so easy to find, just the thing for Christmas

Bah Humbug! Yes it’s Christmas and that means it is obligatory to have an office Christmas party. For us it was a hard choice, but the style of venue was, of course, already known. But with over 7,000 pubs in … Continue reading

The best Christmas presents, gifts and gift ideas, London pubs – of course!

Here we are at the end of the year and those envelopes with charity stickers tell us that Christmas is upon us. Office parties are in full swing and the mistletoe is delicately placed to gain some amorous advances from … Continue reading

London’s Best Pubs and that yellow stuff called Lager

Since starting the London Pub Crawl Company we have been asked, “so what is the difference between an ale and a lager?” frequently. This is replied with “we don’t drink lager!” But in reality it is actually the brewing process. … Continue reading

Great London Pubs and some fighting culture

The best pubs don’t have a fighting culture Growing up in London and drinking in some of London’s best pubs, I have occasionally fallen foul to the drunken idiot who wants to fight. “Not content with being a dickhead, they … Continue reading

Let’s Blow Up Parliament! The 1605 Gunpowder Plot

London 1605 – The Gunpowder Plot Sitting in a cellar under the Houses of Lords, Guido “Guy” Fawkes guards a rather large amount of gunpowder. With his associate, Robert Catesby, they prepare to assassinate King James I, to return a catholic monarch to the … Continue reading

Fosters is taken by the POM’s (but don’t tell the Aussies)

Streewth Cobber, those pom’s have stolen our beer! It was with some interest we saw the newspaper headline the other week that Fosters – that iconic Australian brewery – has been taken over by the Anglo-South African giant SABMiller. The … Continue reading

Jack the Ripper – Our Great Walk in London’s East End – Whitechapel, Aldgate and Liverpool Street

Jack the Ripper pub walking tour – one of the great things to do in London London 1888 and the name Jack the Ripper causes fear and panic in the East End. Still to this day his identity is unknown. … Continue reading

London Pubs and Silly Cups

I was on my way into the office after reviewing another one of London’s best pubs and decided that with the sun shining and a bit of blue sky, a pause for coffee would be good. It was also a … Continue reading

The Best London Pubs near Wapping, Canary Wharf, Rotherhithe and London’s East End

When we talk about Londons best pubs, we really mean London’s best pubs (or do we mean the best pubs in London ?- not sure really!). So many times we get people telling us about some sports pub in Hackney … Continue reading

More of Londons Best Pubs in Parsons Green, Earls Court, Baron Court – Rugby World Cup

It has been an action filled month with England ploughing their way through the Rugby World Cup. Sadly Jonny Wilkinson has not been kicking too well, but we are sure once he gets to know that ball, he will be … Continue reading

‘No parmesan for you!’ – at the best Italian restaurant after a London pub walk or crawl

It was only recently that we decided that we needed to revisit some of the best London pubs in the pub crawls we first looked at, particularly so we could test out our iPhone app. If you want the details … Continue reading

The Best London Pubs Won’t Kill You

In recent news we have been scared sh**less that drinking alcohol will now give us cancer.  Crikey is there anything left that we can enjoy? Once upon a time they said that drinking red wine was good for you and … Continue reading

The Other Notting Hill, More of Londons Best Pubs

Well the streamers and kettle drums have been put away for another year and the street cleaners have just about tidied up after last weeks street festival.  So while the streets and pavements are clean, why not take a wander … Continue reading

Notting Hill Madness!! And some of the best pubs in West London

It’s the August Bank Holiday and that can mean only one thing. The Notting Hill Carnival is on 28th and 29th August. One of the best places to visit in London is the Notting Hill Carnival. It is the biggest … Continue reading

Are London pubs like US or American bars?

So what is the difference between a pub and a bar?  A common question asked by overseas travellers to the United Kingdom, often by Americans. Let us show you the best London Pubs. Throughout the world our local drinking establishment … Continue reading

The best fun you can have with an iPhone in London

This week there has been a real buzz in the air at our humble offices as our months of hard work have come to fruition.  Our London Pub Crawl app is now sitting on those virtual shelves in the Apple … Continue reading

London’s Best Pubs – Up the Angel

With summer well under way and a bit of decent weather for a change, you are probably looking for things to do in London.  Look no further, we have pulled together a great little walk in the Angel, Islington. This … Continue reading

It’s All About Beer

Well, not quite!  There is many a Friday afternoon when I just don’t fancy a delicious ale.  Shock horror you may think to yourself.  Well let me explain. Discovering the best London pubs is not a full-time job (oh, how … Continue reading

Finding London’s Best Pubs

Just one of London’s best pubs I was talking to a work colleague the other day called Mr Porter and that reminded me of when Troy and I were busy last year exploring pubs in our quest to find London’s … Continue reading

The best iPhone app for London pubs, pints and pub crawls

We are very excited to announce in the next few weeks we will be launching our very first smartphone app, on the Apple iPhone. With the app market growing at a phenominal rate – Apple report it had 3 billion … Continue reading

London Olympics

The London Olympics are just over a year away and we will be ready! With over 7,000 pubs in London, we guide you to the 200 best London pubs, guaranteed. It is just over a year now till London plays … Continue reading

Best London Pubs – on the River Thames

Love one! With the mercury getting up there and Wimbledon coming to an end, what better way to spend your Sunday afternoons than walking down the River Thames.  This month we have spotted some great pubs on the riverbank down … Continue reading

Famous Beer and Pub Quotes

Researching for my blogs, where I talk about only the best London pubs and walking tours, I quite often come across bizarre and interesting facts and stories.  Many are not related to our site and so get dismissed. But the … Continue reading

Fun at Ze Hoffbrauhaus

The Hoffbrauhaus has nothing to do with David Hasselhoff (which is a damn shame!), it is in fact perhaps the most famous German pub (as opposed to Londons most famous pub).  Sadly its greatest claim to fame is being the … Continue reading

Help the Government by Paying Tax on Beer

For April Fools day on April the 1st, Troy put together an amusing blog that purported that the UK Government were to abolish tax on beer. It made me laugh, but then got me to thinking – “well, just how … Continue reading

The Night in London when Man Utd went down to Barcelona

This month we have a great new walking tour of Covent Garden for you.  I was there just last week on that fateful night that Manchester United lost to Barcelona in the 2011 UEFA Champions League Cup.  A few tears … Continue reading

Monopoly pub crawl in London – the ultimate tourist historic London pub walk or tour

With so many people growing up with the fantastical Parker Brothers game Monopoly – and London the most tourist visited city in the world – we thought it time to fit this legendary board game around the fine historic pubs … Continue reading

A Little Bit of Morse – The Miller of Mansfield, Goring

“Lewis” you may expect to be bellowed from the driver’s seat of an old red Jaguar parked outside any Oxfordshire pub, as this is the home of Inspector Morse, the character made famous by John Thaw (The “Guvner” in the … Continue reading

How many London and UK pubs close each week?

The latest stats are out and the goods news is the number of pubs closing in the UK and London weekly has slowed.  Last year we we reported that in late 2009 more than 52 pubs per week were closing … Continue reading

The Worst Beer I ‘ever ‘ad – Ode to Pete and Dud

I am reminded of the old Pete and Dud line of “the worst job I ever ‘ad” with the question – “what’s my worst pub experience?”  Sadly I have to say my worst pub experience was in 2011 in a … Continue reading

The bluebells are out in the woods and the confetti is still swirling down Pall Mall.  At last Wills and Kate are finally married and the rest of us can get on with our lives.  Keeping up with the papers, … Continue reading

The state of binge drinking

Today the generally accepted definition of binge drinking in the United States as the consumption of five or more drinks in a row by men — or four or more drinks in a row by women — at least once … Continue reading

Royal Wedding Exclusive – From the reporters with No Idea!

Royal Wedding Scoop! It’s been in the papers, it’s been on the news, all the paper stands are littered with it and every supermarket is pushing it.  But finally, the royal wedding is next week and then life can resume … Continue reading

A pint of ale or a trip to IKEA? This is the question!

Saturday afternoon in suburbia and it always comes down to that age old question.  Do you keep her indoors happy, or slip in a game and a few sherbets with your mates? The answer…well it would take a braver man … Continue reading

A Tour in the Meat Markets

Its been cold and wet, but the mercury is rising and a glimmer of a long hot summer is not too far away.  Whether we get a long hot summer is another matter, but we live in hope.  Troy and … Continue reading

British Government abolishes tax on beer!!

In a shock statement from the Chancellor of the Exchequer (George Osborne) today, the British Government conceded that tax on beer was just un-Australian, and really not in the spirit of “Mateship”.  Effective as of today, the British Government has dropped … Continue reading

So what makes a great pub?

The consumption of alcohol has been going on for years and is an important feature in our human interaction.  But it is just one small part of the great time we all crave.  Sitting in your mates bedroom with a … Continue reading

Smaller Glasses for Bigger Profit?

Troy sent though an interesting Guardian article the other day about bars being allowed to serve alcohol in smaller glasses.  On the face of it, this seems reasonable.  But hold on, the article stated “the government said it was scrapping … Continue reading

The luck of the Irish – it must be St Patricks Day!!

You always know you are in for a good night out if you hit the town with some Irish fellas, and don’t be surprised if it’s a big one too!  With St Patricks day (or St Pats day as some … Continue reading

Hip Hip Chaps! – Oars Away!!! Our new FREE Putney pub crawl in London on The Thames

Of course it is still winter and cold and wet, but we know Spring is just around the corner and the daffodils will be coming up to brighten our parks and gardens.  So this month Troy (with sun tan) and … Continue reading

Just clean the bogs once in a while – please!

I am a boy and my girlfriend tells me that all boys are dirty.  Well, we know this much is true, but she really means our state of cleanliness (not the thought processes that we go through). So I was … Continue reading

Misery on the Tube, light at the end of Hammersmith

5pm on a cold winters day and I am waiting for the Tube to get me to west London to review another pub. Although it is peak time, the Tube is surprisingly un-busy (I was going to say quiet, but this … Continue reading

Did London invent the pub crawl?

A pub crawl (also called a bar tour, bar crawl or bar hopping) is when one or more people drink in multiple pubs or bars in a single night, normally walking or busing to each one between drinking. According to … Continue reading

If I’m a Polar Bear, why am I so F***in’ Cold?

Well, it’s now February and winter is biting hard.  Christmas is a dim memory, as are our celebrations for New Year.  The weather outlook is windy, cold and rain, with little sign of sunshine for a while. I sat down … Continue reading

How much is too much for a pint? (Aussies v Poms – but don’t mention the cricket!)

There is a lot of dismissing of the Wetherspoons chain of pubs because they are a chain.  I too am not a big fan of the mass market pub, particularly the ones with televisions blazing away all day.  But from … Continue reading

Pub bonus from the Royals on 28 & 29 April 2011

The Home Office has recently confirmed pubs in England and Wales will be able to stay open longer for the royal wedding, which takes place on Friday 29 April 2011.  Landlords will be able to extend their opening hours up … Continue reading

Rain-dogging in London

The British have a strange approach to the rain, in that they quite often deny it is actually happening.  “Rain, what rain dear boy, it’s just a mild precipitation” as thunder and lightening keep you inside. So many Brits will … Continue reading

Not quite the Lambeth Walk – A few nice London pubs around Waterloo Station

We had spent a rather satisfying Saturday night in Borough and I decided that a trip to the Imperial War Museum would be a good excursion for the Sunday morning.  However, the sun was shining brightly and the day far … Continue reading

It’s not all beer and skittles being a pub reviewer you know

Well, actually it is all beer, but skittles are a thing of the past (as I am not referring to those packets of little sweets). When Troy and I discussed the idea of creating a pub website we had no … Continue reading

More than 52 UK pubs close weekly!

We’ve been asked about this a bit lately – is the rate of pub closure in the UK going to effect the gems we have in our guided and free walks?  Given there are more than 7,000 pubs in London, … Continue reading

Classic! Thirsty Swagman ‘Asia Annihilator Pub Tour’

If you’ve ever travelled on a tour before, you’ll know that they’re a great solution for those travelling solo and a fantastic way to make friends for life, but are usually coupled with excessively packed itineraries and late nights out … Continue reading

Why launch another pub website?

Well, the simple answer is, it hasn’t been done well enough…yet.  Not for Jonno and my standards anyway.  It all comes down to passion.  We’re passionate about the best pubs in London, and we enjoy telling our mates, their mates … Continue reading

That Ultimate Pub Experience

There are over 7,000 pubs in London and about 52,000 in England alone.  So what makes a good pub and how do you know? Growing up in Kent and South East London I have been lucky to have lived in … Continue reading

The Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA)

What a find!  Jonno and I are researching this pub crawl idea (now The London Pub Crawl Co.) and in the process of looking at the competiton (more on this later), we remembered this tremenous voluntary organsation, called CAMRA – … Continue reading