That Ultimate Pub Experience

There are over 7,000 pubs in London and about 52,000 in England alone.  So what makes a good pub and how do you know?

Growing up in Kent and South East London I have been lucky to have lived in an area blessed with some fantastic pubs.  Whilst the lure of beer is always a great attraction, the physical appearance of the pub and the ambience inside is essential to having a great time.  It’s like weddings in the local hall are just not as good as at the Hilton.  I guess the more picturesque the building the more it will encourage you to enter and once inside, the nicer the décor the more you will want to stay and if there is a roaring open fire, try getting me out at closing!

Troy and I have made it our aim to search out all those great pubs in London (we would like to do the whole of the UK, but that’s just way too much) as many of our friend will ask “can you recommend a good pub?”  Yes we can.  But the average pub customer is not a friend of ours and therefore cannot call us.  So our answer is the creation of our site The London Pub Crawl Company. 

We aim to provide escorted tours of some of London’s best pubs (in our opinion) and also provide free tours that you can take yourself.  Our sister website PUBSWELOVE.COM is our personal reviewing site where you can see where we have been and where we think you should go.  We are also developing PUBADVISER.COM – a new social site where you can rate any pub you have visited.  Reference to this site will show you pubs that we like and pubs that are highly or poorly rated by customers and it’s all aimed at providing you with the best pub experience. 

But wait there’s more. We hope our site will become world-wide so even when you are on holiday you can see pubs that your friends rate in Paris, New York or even Sydney (Australia if you hadn’t guessed).

London Pub Crawl Co. Hound Dog AleThe London Pub Crawl Company “like your trusted hound, we are your 6th sense in sniffing out that great pub!”

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One Response to That Ultimate Pub Experience

  1. Andrew Y. says:

    We’re from California and we were just riding in the tube train talking about pubs when Jonathan introduced himself along with his recommendations.

    He gave us a business card and invited us to join him in a Pub Crawl.

    Amazing day it was and if we had known sooner about this we would of done it a few times! The Pubs he took us to were wonderful and we were pleasantly surprised at the available brews and ales (of which are not available back in the states) and he was very knowledgeable of all the pubs and drinks.

    If I were to visit London anytime soon, I’ll be hitting up on this pub walk!

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