Classic! Thirsty Swagman ‘Asia Annihilator Pub Tour’

If you’ve ever travelled on a tour before, you’ll know that they’re a great solution for those travelling solo and a fantastic way to make friends for life, but are usually coupled with excessively packed itineraries and late nights out followed by that dreadful early wake-up.One worth-while tour that combats this dilemma, is Thirsty Swagman’s Asia Annihilator; an epic and totally authentic pub tour that travels through culturally rich and scenically majestic, South-East Asia, whilst uniquely combining island-hopping with pub-crawling.

Upon commencing this tour, you’ll discover the tours open itinerary, allows you to wake-up as you desire, and gives the group an element of freedom and flexibility; a simple pleasure that is often much appreciated after a big night.

This five-night adventure begins in Singapore, a tropical island city and country, located off the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula, where the tour stays at the breath-taking and activity-packed Sentosa Island.

This island is such a dream that you basically walk out of your resort room and step onto the sandy shore of a 3.2km beach, dotted with endless beach pubs and restaurants. With a lavish Casino, the newly opened Universal Studios, the Skyline luge and the Tiger Sky Tower taking you 131 metres above sea level, Sentosa Island is the closest thing you’ll find to an adult’s Disneyland.

At night on tour, the group heads to Singapore’s mainland, to the heart of Clarke Quay; a cluster of themed bars ranging from “Moroccan fantasy” to “Scottish Hilander”. The Clinic is one bar that can’t be walked past without a second glance. The bar staff at this ironically themed pub, consists of doctors and nurses treating you with alcohol-filled drips while you relax on the slightly odd seating arrangements – hospital beds. The Clinic is definitely an unlikely pub, in a country where chewing gum is prosecutable.

After rediscovering your youth at Singapore’s largest adult’s playground and indulging in some of Singapore’s most diverse nightlife, the tour then takes off to Phuket, Thailand. Thailand is arguably one of the most culturally rich countries travellers can visit, with a colourful combination of traditions and characteristics stemming from ancient Indian, Chinese and Cambodian influences.

Thailand is possibly one of South-East Asia’s most popular tourist destinations, where travellers venture to enjoy the finer things in life, whether it’s watching their native martial arts Muay Thai, or enjoying their traditional cuisine which explodes on your tongue with distinct sweet, spicy, sour, bitter and salty flavours.

This tour however, heads to Thailand for an event that many around the world are (surprisingly) not so familiar with – Songkran. If you’re ever lucky enough to be in Thailand during Songkran (Thai New Year), you will know that it is possibly the biggest and wildest water fight event in the world. Travellers who know of this amazing tradition will grab their water-guns, pack their bags and travel across the world to celebrate Songkran with a splash – an event where the entire nation stops everything to engage in an immense, 3-day long, country-wide water fight. Some cities in Thailand, such as Chiang Mai, even engage in water fights that run up to 6 days long. This event is a seemingly perfect way to celebrate Thai New Year, as it also happens to run during the hottest part of the year in Thailand.

Another highlight of this pub tour experience that mustn’t be left out is the speedboat adventure to two private pubs on the beautiful Naka Island. To give you an idea of just how amazing this island is – it’s fit for a king – literally – as the Prince of Dubai recently stayed there. You’ll land on a stretch of beach with nothing but white sand, crystal clear water, and two tiny beach shack pubs that serve every beer ice cold.

After 5 nights of experiencing only Singapore and Thailand’s most unique and authentic pubs, islands and traditions, you’ll be more cultured than a tub of yogurt, and very ready for a long massage and a tasty cocktail back at the hotel before your late check-out.

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