Misery on the Tube, light at the end of Hammersmith

Picadilly Circus entry

Some may say the "gates of hell"

5pm on a cold winters day and I am waiting for the Tube to get me to west London to review another pub. Although it is peak time, the Tube is surprisingly un-busy (I was going to say quiet, but this is London) so sitting here I am able to people watch and what strange things they are.

There are four girls chatting away in an eastern block language, men and women reading papers, (the woman sitting next to me needs glasses) and people using their phones, but not for calls. I was expecting the Tube would be crowded and we would be standing in a mass of sweaty smelly workers.  So it is a pleasant surprise to sit in reasonable comfort out of the cold. The Tube is quick too, as consultation of the Transport for London website indicates, I would need to take 3 buses and expect an hour long journey.

Within a few minutes we will be at West Kensington and I will need to brave the cold once more to reach my destination. The desire to reach my destination is one of primitive urging and rain, hail and hurricanes would not deter me (OK maybe a hurricane would). Yes my desire is for beer and tonight I am trying the Colton Arms in Hammersmith. A well revered local pub down the back streets.

Colton Arms Hammersmith

Colton Arms Hammersmith - A warm welcome awaits you.

When Troy and I first ventured to this pub on a Saturday afternoon it was closed and that would normally put me off going back. But I am glad I did go back. The Colton Arms is a very friendly back street pub in a mock Tudor style.  It is cosy and the beer is well kept. Sadly there are few other pubs in the locality that we could recommend for one of our free London crawls or walks, but if you are over Hammersmith way, drop-in, I think you will like it. (Colton Arms, 187 Greyhound Road, W14 9SD).

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