Just clean the bogs once in a while – please!


I am a boy and my girlfriend tells me that all boys are dirty.  Well, we know this much is true, but she really means our state of cleanliness (not the thought processes that we go through).

Sadly, the ladies don't do pubs

So I was surprised that I should be disgusted with the state of the gentlemen’s lavatories in various pubs around London.  I shall not name the offending pubs as it may just have been that it was the cleaners’ night off, but there is really little excuse.

Now, I am not like those two old biddies on the TV who think that it needs to be clean enough to eat off.  Oh no, but I do expect that if I need to use the toilets they shouldn’t smell like a tramp has been sleeping there for the past week (sorry for any offence I may cause any tramps reading this).

Yes, OK, farty is a silly word. I wish I'd never used it.

Even if they just got a hose out once-in-a-while and gave it a wash down, that would be enough. Still, I guess it is a hard job trying to keep some toilets clean when people store up a weeks worth before exploding in the pub bog. It amazes me that some people are actually able to shit up a wall, fill the bowl and not bother to flush. I would hate to see their own home, but then that is an unlikely occurrence so perhaps I need not worry!

Still on the bright side it gave Ben Elton his career.

So, if you do happen to be in the pub and the toilets are disgusting, let the manager know.  In fact, get your girlfriend to complain, as the barman is more likely to listen to her and it may also pique his interest as to why your girlfriend uses the gents toilet!

A popular London pub is Dirty Dicks!

A shocking revelation, but I am talking about Dirty Dicks!  This famous London pub has turned into quite a land mark and is now a must visit pub for many tourists coming to London.  Sadly the pub has been refurbished and has lost much of the charm that made it famous.

If you are heading there why not download our Aldgate Free pub crawl?  This 2 page pdf will guide you through to 4 of the best pubs in the locality and includes Dirty Dicks.

Toilets in the XXXX brewery - Australia - Now you know why Australians wouldn't give a four-ex for it!

Talking of toilets, I saw the BBC had an article regarding unique toilets and the Regatta Hotel in Toowong rated a mention.  Apparently there is a one-way mirror wall in the male toilet, installed by the hotel’s previous owner.  You can relieve yourself in front of the whole bar!  I hope the mirror faces into the pub.

My personal favourite is the smokey glass window above the urinals at the Little Creatures brewery in Fremantle WA.  It looks into the brewing room. Makes you think where it’s made and where it’s going!

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