Hip Hip Chaps! – Oars Away!!! Our new FREE Putney pub crawl in London on The Thames

Of course it is still winter and cold and wet, but we know Spring is just around the corner and the daffodils will be coming up to brighten our parks and gardens.  So this month Troy (with sun tan) and I mulled over what crawl we should put up this month.  We wanted something that would envigorate us and raise our spirits.  Then we overheard someone challenging his colleague that Oxford is a far superior school.  Yes! That’s it, the Oxford v Cambridge boat race (26th March 2011) and where better than Putney!

The Oxford – Cambridge boat race has been a traditional race every year on the Thames and started back in 1829.  The race in 1877 was declared a dead heat and legend in Oxford has it that the judge, “Honest John” Phelps, was asleep under a bush as the crews came by leading him to announce the result as a “dead heat to Oxford by four feet”.  With the array of great pubs along the river in Putney, it’s not surprising he was napping!

Sample our FREE Putney pub crawl in London during the Oxford v Cambridge rowing regatta

Now, it can get pretty cold along the riverfront, so we have pulled together 4 fantastic pubs.  Starting off at the Boathouse, right on the River Thames to get you in the mood.  This place has some magnificent views out over the river.  A nice Youngs pub and they might even have Winter Warmer still on!

Next stop, the Jolly Gardeners just off the High Street, then through the back streets to the Dukes Head and ending up at the Bricklayers.  A great pub route and crawl sampling some of Londons best pubs and what better way to spend a Sunday afternoon or evening?

We have slaved over some fine ales and beers in the dozens of pubs close to the Thames in Putney to put together the best 4 pubs in the area.  This self guided walking tour takes you through Putney and all of these great pubs are within easy walking distance.  You can download our FREE Putney pub crawl (or pub route if you are American) PDF and follow in our footsteps. Here is a basic map (there is a better one in the above FREE PDF).

New beer for the Royal Wedding

Our friends in the north can start early celebrations for the Royal Wedding on 29th April with the release of Kiss-me-Kate from Castle Rock Brewery.  Described by the brewery as

Elegant, tasteful and British to the core. We’re sure it’ll be the ideal way to toast the couple’s future happiness.

We are sure too, can you send some down to us please????

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