The luck of the Irish – it must be St Patricks Day!!

Irish shamrockYou always know you are in for a good night out if you hit the town with some Irish fellas, and don’t be surprised if it’s a big one too!  With St Patricks day (or St Pats day as some may say) in a few days on the 17th, there will be a lot of drinking and shenanigans going on in Irish bars all over the world.  Join in, as a great night is almost guaranteed and don’t forget your lucky Shamrock.

Enjoy St Patricks Day in London!

A pint of the black stuff

If you are out on St Patricks day, then you really should be drinking a pint of Guinness.  “What?” I hear you ask, “but that’s not an ale”.  And that is sort of true, but many years ago, Guinness started life being brewed as a Porter style beer that originated in London in the early 18th century.

In a rather strange twist of fate, the recipie changed to use malted barley when a new tax on barley was introduced.  The truth behind this rumour is hard to clarify, but any story that avoids tax has to be good!  Find out more at the Guinness website.   And don’t think your girlfriend can’t have a pint of Guinness either, it contains about 170 calories in a pint, compared to 180 calories for a pint of bitter and 146 calories in a 45g serve of Kellogg’s Special K.  Now that’s what I call a diet!  Get to know more about calories in food here.

Which Irish pubs to go to in London on St Patricks day

So now you are thinking where shall I go to celebrate St Patricks day?  Shall I seek out London’s best pub?  Well, our friends at London have produced a rather handy page on the top Irish pubs in London.  These are well known Irish pubs in London, but are not on a London Pub Crawl Company free walking tour, or on one of our guided tours (only because Troy and I have not been to them!).

If you want a bit of Irish influence, but not the full monty, then why not take our FREE London Pub crawl in Belsize Park.  Two of the pubs on this great free walk are often frequented by the London Irish rugby teams.  With great ales on tap and a few protest songs, you should have a pretty good night.

Hollywood and Guinness

Gweneth Paltrow

Cover her in Guinness - what a fantasy.

It is amazing what the internet can provide access to.  Whilst researching about Guinness, the following two items came up:

Gweneth Paltrow has recently confessed in a newspaper article that  “I always have a Guinness before an awards ceremony.”  Apparently it gives her blush (me too after a few pints!).

Charlie Sheen

Chalie - a right one!

Then I read about that famous nutter Charlie Sheen, well known for drinking!  As if he hasn’t had enough publicity, he broke a Guinness World Record in just 25 hours and 17 minutes by getting a million followers to his Twitter account.

Apparently he now has  2,150,000 Twitter followers, no doubt helped by his crazy antics broadcast on national televisions all over the world. At this rate, he’ll surpass Oprah’s 5+ million Twitter followers in no time.

Don’t mention the cricket!  Ireland beat England, timing…

The Irish Times Pub Melbourne
Gotta love that sign!

Well, it had to happen and now it has.  The Irish have beaten the English at their own game – cricket.  And, in none other than the World Cup, which is played every 4 years.

In a surprise win Ireland beat England by 3 wickets! Now if that doesn’t get the black gold flowing what will?

Troy spotted this great sign outside The Irish Times pub on a recent trip to Melbourne and it says it all!

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