So what makes a great pub?

The consumption of alcohol has been going on for years and is an important feature in our human interaction.  But it is just one small part of the great time we all crave.  Sitting in your mates bedroom with a can of Special Brew can be OK, but let’s face it, sitting in your mates bedroom drinking is just a little bit sad.  So it is important that to get that buzz we all yearn for, you need the right surroundings.

Sit down with a nice cuppa tea luv

Your mum and dads living room doesn’t do it, the park nor the local community centre.  The pub – well that’s exactly what we need.  But how do we know it’s a good pub?  Is it the building?  Is it the punters standing around the bar, the hot chick who works on Wednesday nights, the sound system or the beer?

There are so many elements that make a good pub, it would be impossible to define just one thing that makes a pub great.  Many new pubs rave on about how much they have spent on the refurbishment and the more the millions, the better the pub is supposed to be.  But money has little to do with it.  Troy and I have been to new pubs that cost millions to renovate, but there is just no character. And that is something that is an important element in a great pub.  For us, a great pub is one you can sit with a pint, or a coffee, read the paper and not feel out of place.  The decor and atmosphere make you feel comfortable and invite you to stay a little longer.


Who fancies a pint then?

The bar staff then take a big role in whether you want to drink in there too.  Rude bar staff just make you feel like they don’t deserve your well earned cash, so why drink there?

Go to a pub where the landlord is happy to see you and up for a chat if you need it and respects the fact that you have a choice on where to spend your wedge.  It’s not like going for a drink is a cheap thing anymore!

man with gun
I said “A pint of bitter AND a packet of crisps”

And then there’s the beer.  After a long hard day grafting in your job, dealing with people you have to be nice too – but would rather stick a bullet between their eyes – the last thing you need is a shit pint.

It’s at those moments that you want to reach for your Uzi 9mm and spread a little justice around the place.  (Landlords please note: don’t serve bad beer to men carrying Uzi’s).

Girl with beer
Why don’t you buy me another?

But what is missing once you have found the right atmosphere, the right bar staff and the right beer?  Eye candy.  Yes, it is a sad fact of the male that we do like something nice to look at and the prettier it is the more we want to look.  And what could be better than a group of girls laughing and chatting giving you those “hey handsome, how you doing?” eyes as you sit in the corner with your pint.

The first pint is always good and gone oh so soon, and as your mate heads to the bar for a refill you ask yourself:  “Why am I sitting here with my mate and not chatting to the delicious blonde?”  It’s simple – your mate buys you a pint, then chats and laughs with you – the hot blonde just laughs at you and won’t buy you a pint!

London’s best pub?

But never get down hearted. You could be sitting in one of London’s best pubs, enjoying a great atmosphere, a pint of the best and there is no charge for looking!

If you are looking for a great pub, why not check out our Pubs we love page – we profile some of the best London pubs. We are continually adding pubs to the page that we think are worth the train ride across town to get to!

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