A Tour in the Meat Markets

Its been cold and wet, but the mercury is rising and a glimmer of a long hot summer is not too far away.  Whether we get a long hot summer is another matter, but we live in hope.  Troy and I put or heads together for this months free crawl and wanted to get something a little different.  Towards the east end there are some great pubs and it hit us, the Barbican.  This is an odd little spot in London heavily bombed during the war and rebuilt in classic late 60s / 70s architecture asking to be bombed.  But the bits that survived show an insight in to London’s past.

Leaving the ugly conurbation that is the foundation of the Barbican’ a short walk takes you back in time to how London would have looked 100 years ago.  This months free crawl takes you to a truly authentic British pub, the Hand and Shears.  Looking around you might still see where the Victory Day party bunting was tacked up.  Picture the sound of air raid sirens and you could be back in the 1940s.

Just around the corner, tucked down an alley is the Rising Sun, a Samuel Smiths pub with an honest traditional feel.  Wander up the alley to the main road and on the corner is a refurbished Fullers pub, the Butchers Hook and Cleaver.  An interesting place and probably worth a butchers (rhyming slang, butchers hook, have a look).  Just over the road is the famous Smithfield market.

Finally, although sporting a huge TV, we do like the Bishops Finger, a Shepherd Neame pub over the square.  Can be a bit chintzy, but then some may say character.  To top off we found a really great Italian restaurant too.


Download this great free crawl and go off exploring a lesser side of London, we like it and we reckon you will too!  As you wander back to the station, ponder on the fact that back in 1666, the great fire of London spread itself from Pudding lane down by the monument to just where you are.  There is a plaque marking the spot in Cock Lane

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