A pint of ale or a trip to IKEA? This is the question!

Game + Pint = HeavenSaturday afternoon in suburbia and it always comes down to that age old question.  Do you keep her indoors happy, or slip in a game and a few sherbets with your mates?

If only all the games could have such happy fans!

The answer…well it would take a braver man than me to publicly say what we fellas know is the only answer.

The only real question therefore is – what ale is best to watch you favourite team get a shellacking from your most hated team?  We get asked this question a lot.

What are some of the best English ales?

Sharps Doombar has been voted as Britain’s most popular ale and with a fragrant aroma and bold ale taste it is a winner.  Now served in most pubs, although rarely have I seen it over the bar in a Wetherspoons pub (maybe because I am rarely in one?).  One of my favourites has always been Shepherd Neame Spitfire, a very tasty brew from this Kentish brewer.  But then London Pride from Fullers is always a safe bet and a fine pint too.

On a lighter side there is Timothy Taylor’s Landlord, a decent all rounder, although some may argue a little bland (not that common in London pubs and always worth a wander to find).  How about a pint of Young’s bitter, which most people refer to as ‘Ordinary’, although I am sure Young’s would dispute that it is anything but ordinary!  Finally, and a great choice would be, Sambrook’s Wandle, now becoming quite popular across London, with its spicy herbaceous flavour (as stated on their website).  If you want to know more about these ales, check out our About Ales page.

Eany meany miny moe....

That is one of the great things about British ales, there is such a wide variety that in most London localities you will be able to find a great pub with ales for even the most discerning customer.  If you fancy taking a walk to experience what we think are some of London’s best pubs with a nice selection of ales, download one of our FREE London pub walking tours or crawls.  Each pub on a route provides different beers, so you can see some of London’s best pubs whilst sampling some of London’s finest beers.

We return to the Saturday afternoon conundrum.  Girlfriend or beer?  I have taken the stance here that a wife either lets you go to the pub with your mates, or not.  There is no conundrum, as a brutal ‘no’ and withdrawal of evening pleasures normally wins the argument.

Hell actually exists, but mainly for blokes on Saturday afternoons.

So, girlfriend or pub?  This was easy for me last week when my girlfriend exclaimed “Let’s go to IKEA”.  “Fuck off” I replied and went to watch the game at the pub.  Unfortunately, she took me literally and the barmaid swears she can’t cook.  So now I’ll be having take-away for the rest of the week, till the florist does me a good turn with some flowers!

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