Through to woods and to the Pub!

The bluebells are out in the woods and the confetti is still swirling down Pall Mall.  At last Wills and Kate are finally married and the rest of us can get on with our lives.  Keeping up with the papers, who are still on the band wagon, Troy and I thought we should do this months crawl to commemorate the excitement of the last month and the pomp of the royal wedding.

Chelsea? I don't know if I want to go there.

This month we are taking you to one of the ritzy areas of London, Sloane Square and Chelsea.  Last time Troy and I walked around this area we saw so many beautiful sports cars and even a Bugatti Vayron.  Sadly its Kuwaiti plates explained the ridiculous colour scheme of beige and chrome.  Having seen such a piece of engineering in such a garish colour, I needed a pint!

Our latest premium pub tour can be started at either Victoria railway station, for those arriving from the home counties, or from Sloane Square underground (one stop from Victoria).  We have selected some great pubs for you to experience and thrown in one of London’s most flamboyant places too, The Trafalgar.  The purple chaise lounge in the window should give you an idea!

Over the road from the Trafalgar is the once glamorous Chelsea Potter, but sadly it is been corporatised and is now just cashing in on its fame.  Sad, but that is what often happens to some of out great pubs.  This one is not on our list, but feel free to wander over and have a peek inside.

We finish this great london pub tour at the Pigs Ear, which is quite famous in itself and has been around for a long time.  Judging by the paint work, a very long time.  After this crawl, wander back up to Kings Road and catch a bus back to Sloane Square, or enjoy the walk past some of London’s boutique and chic stores.

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