How many London and UK pubs close each week?

Closed Pub SignThe latest stats are out and the goods news is the number of pubs closing in the UK and London weekly has slowed.  Last year we we reported that in late 2009 more than 52 pubs per week were closing across the UK. Add in the pubs opening each week, that still meant a net loss of pubs of 40 per week.  The good news is this is now down to only 25 a week.

While 25 pubs a week is a sad loss, in the context of the 52,000 pubs in the UK, the 1,300 closures per annum represents 2.5% of all UK pubs.  And London is the biggest loser of pubs – with a net loss of more than 5 per week, the 276 per year is 2.9% of all London pubs.

BBPA Chief Executive, Brigid Simmonds, comments:

“The closure of 25 pubs every week is bad news for the economy, as the sector plays such a vital role. It’s also a blow for local communities, with pubs often acting as the hub of local life.”

Closed Pub

Another UK pub closes

With a typical pub employing around ten people, this represents a net loss of jobs of around 13,000 across the country. Pubs are closing in every part of England, as well as in Scotland and Wales.

Other pertinent facts around UK pubs come from a new study by Oxford Economics for the BBPA, that shows:

  • 980,000 people in the UK depend on beer and pubs for work
  • The beer and pub trade adds over £21 billion to the UK economy every year
  • £13.4 billion in UK wages are dependent on the trade, each year
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