A Little Bit of Morse – The Miller of Mansfield, Goring

Lewis - Time for a pint!

“Lewis” you may expect to be bellowed from the driver’s seat of an old red Jaguar parked outside any Oxfordshire pub, as this is the home of Inspector Morse, the character made famous by John Thaw (The “Guvner” in the Sweeney).  And where better to bump into Morse than at The Miller of Mansfield (High St, Goring,  Oxfordshire RG8 9AW)

This great pub lies about 100 metres from the River Thames bridge between Streatley and Goring just over an hours drive west of London.  I had been impressed by this pub many months before after a rather long walk with my sister and her husband, and who wouldn’t succumb to a pub after a 6 mile walk?  The Miller of Mansfield is a true classic country village pub, made of brick with small white wooden windows and green creepers adding a touch of romantic charm to the place.

Inside is a rather eclectic mix of country cottage tables and funky lounge room chairs.  There is a certain charm and character that remains and the bar staff are friendly enough, although of Eastern European decent, so some drinks take on a much more romantic sounding name!  There were two beers on tap when I dropped in, Rebellion IPA from the Marlow Brewery and Good Old Boy from the West Berkshire Brewery.

Even on a second tasting the Rebellion IPA was still rather special with no bitter after taste so frequent with this style of beer. This has to be one of my favorite beers.

George Michael

"Fuck" - Where did he get that haircut?

Sadly, whilst I can recommend the beer, the pub was a bit of a let down the second time as there was a bad smell emanating from the gentlemen’s toilets wafting through the majority of the pub.  I managed to sit away from the smell only because the pub was empty, except for two locals.  Perhaps this is a reflection of the sloppy attitude of some village pubs whose clientele is too local to care.  Although I am led to believe that George Michael lives over the road so perhaps the smell is to encourage him to pop – in for a “quick” one!

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