The Night in London when Man Utd went down to Barcelona

Crowds hungry to watch the match at the roundhouse

This month we have a great new walking tour of Covent Garden for you.  I was there just last week on that fateful night that Manchester United lost to Barcelona in the 2011 UEFA Champions League Cup.  A few tears in beers there!  But then I got angry, remembering how FIFA allowed the Arabs to buy the soccer/football World Cup when it should so have rightly come home (to England).  If we didn’t like the game so much we should withdraw our teams and boycott its broadcast – it’s our game for Christ sake!  But then we love it too much for that.

Another pub, another crowd - You wont see that in Qatar FIFA!!

Wandering around London that Saturday night, every pub showing the football was packed and people were even standing on the streets peering through the windows to watch.  Sadly I’ll probably be too old to go by the time it comes home.  It is unbelieveable how much support football (soccer to anyone overseas) gets here.  Perhaps there are a few millionaires out there that can set up our own soccer World Cup, always played in the UK at some of our hollowed grounds.  I am sure if the cash is right, all the teams will want to play.

But on to brighter things beer related.  I spent that Saturday night at the Lamb and Flag, a great pub in Covent Garden that featurs in our latest free pub walking tour.  Head to our Free Walking Tours page and download this great circuit on the trodden tourist track. Some of our chosen historic London pubs are great to watch the football, soccer, cricket or rugby big games (but as a rule, we don’t frequent pubs that constantly have the sport on – it’s fine they have a TV, and it’s on for big occasions like The Ashes or FA Cup, or a Royal Wedding or two).

The Lamb and Flag - Covent Garden, can be hard to find.

In the Lamb and Flag you may expect to be surrounded by foreign voices, but this is very much a Londoners pub.  Cockney lads keep up the banter while posturing around the bar.  The talk is blokey and arrogant in that Saturday night out with the boys air.  But on a warm summers night, it spills out into the courtyard and takes on a whole new personality. This place hasn’t changed for many years and there are little brass plaques dotted around the pub in memoory of drinkers now gone by; Sussex Pete, Black Peter and John the Top are but just a few.  But a word of caution, like in the movie Lock Stock – if you push your luck too much, you might just end up going to see the piggies!

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