Best London Pubs – on the River Thames

Wimbledon has no good pubs!
Love one!

With the mercury getting up there and Wimbledon coming to an end, what better way to spend your Sunday afternoons than walking down the River Thames.  This month we have spotted some great pubs on the riverbank down at Hammersmith.  Sadly, Hammersmith is not up to much but with a bit of sunshine the river can be spectacular at this spot.  With some of the best historic London pubs overlooking the river we are sure you will enjoy this great pub walk.

Hammersmith Bridge on another great pub walk in West London
A great view with a pint in hand

Starting at Hammersmith Underground Tube, walk down to the river to our first stop, the Blue Anchor.  Last time we were here they were serving the fantastic Betty Stoggs, a West Country ale full of flavour and one of my brother-in-laws favourites.  He was very keen to buy me a pint when we met in Falmouth last year (I never say no!)  Well, hopefully you won’t need to do battle on the M4 to get this great beer, just head to this good English pub on the river Thames.  You can download the crawl here.

One of London’s best pubs would have to be The Dove, a real cute little place squeezed on the river bank near Hammersmith Bridge.  I always try to get one of the large comfy chairs with a view of the river.  Unfortunately last time I was here I dozed off sitting in the sunshine.  The landlord was not impressed, even though I did mention I was “working”.  He was happier when I purchased another refreshing ale to revive myself.  Well who could resist!

Wander further along the river to the Old Ship and then the Black Lion to complete this great Sunday afternoon walk.  If you are not working, or are here on holiday, why not give it a try during the week?  From the last pub you are better off walking back along the river, rather than trying to cross the A4 to get to a closer Tube stop, and the walk will do you good.

The best London pub on the Thames at Hammersmith then?

Well, in my humble opinion, it has to be the Dove even if just for its rustic charm and Thames river view as you sip a fine English ale in one of London’s oldest pubs.

Hook Norton Olympic Ale
Will we see this brew again?

Last month we mentioned Olympic Ale, which was brewed back in 2004 to celebrate the Olympics (yes really!)  We spoke with the brewers, Hook Norton and they advised they had no plans to resurrect this monumental ale.  That is a little sad and I hope the marketing guys have a change of heart and brew a great British ale to encourage our team.

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