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The London Olympics are just over a year away and we will be ready! With over 7,000 pubs in London, we guide you to the 200 best London pubs, guaranteed.

It is just over a year now till London plays host to the Olympics and work out at Stratford has cracked on at an amazing pace.  On the bus the other day I was amazed at how much the area had changed.  No longer is the area littered with ugly industrial buildings, it’s all shiney and new.

On the London Olympics website there is a pretty good fly through (Stratford Olymics site fly through) taken late last year.  But what you may ask has this to do with The London Pub Crawl Company?  Indeed, it was as I was surfing the web the other day that I stumbled upon the Beer Olympics.

Hurrican Higgins in the London Olympics blog

Hurricane Higgens - drank and smoked his way through the snooker championships

I was rather surprised too, but here is a link if you don’t believe me – Beer Olympics.  This is a rather interesting concept and I noticed that there are many many sites devoted to this event and quite a few Facebook entries.

Now, some may say that it is hardly a sporting event, but then Snooker and Darts were considered pretty much the same way, back in the 1980s.  And in those days heavy drinking and smoking on the telly were considered “acceptable” with Alex “Hurricane” Higgins probabaly doing the most.  Sadly it killed him.

Hook Norton Olympic ale ready for Londons best pubs ?

Will Hook Norton inspire team UK?

On  much lighter note, my research revealed that Hook Norton produced Olympic ale back in 2004 specifically for the 2004 Olympics.

No word yet as to whether they will re-brew this classic drop in honour of the Olympics being here in the UK.  We will let you know when they get back to us.

London Olympics pub and beer facts

But gettng back to web surfing for the Olympics, the most interesting snippet was:

“The Swedish pentathlon team was disqualified at the Mexico City Olympics because one of them had drunk too much beer before the shooting event.”

Yikes, drunk Swedes with guns – now there’s a thought!  Let’s hope our Olympics are not marred by such crazy headlines.

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