Finding London’s Best Pubs

Mayflower - one of London's best pubs on the Thames
Just one of London’s best pubs

I was talking to a work colleague the other day called Mr Porter and that reminded me of when Troy and I were busy last year exploring pubs in our quest to find London’s best pubs.

It is a hard quest, as there really are so many great pubs in old London town.  So to narrow it down from the 7,000 or so pubs in Greater London to – say 200 of the city’s top pubs – is an arduous, back-breaking job indeed.  But never fear, we are up to the task!

“It’s hard work finding London’s best pubs”

London porter - a great ale found in the best London pubs

Nice in Winter we think!

It was during one of our evening excursions that we tried a pub to the north east of Central London, in Covent Garden (see our free tour of Covent Garden here), and decided on a pint of Porter.  Whilst both of us agreed it was a rather beautiful colour and probably a rather nice pint on a cold snowy night, in the height of summer it was perhaps a bit too heavy.

It was such a shame to have to leave a pint of beer, but there is no point in drinking something you are not enjoying.  As some famous person once said, “life is too short to drink cheap wine”.  Which I admit is not quite the same, but close enough.

At the end of our deliberations it was clear to us that during summer, the finer pale ales and Summer ales were more enjoyable.  But as the mercury dropped, a heavier beer such as Porter or Theakston’s “Old Peculiar” were more enjoyable.  It was at this moment that Troy lost me by trying to develop a mathematical equation based on the ambient air temperature and the specific gravity of beer.  An interesting conumdrum, one which I would have paid more attention too had I been interested and less inebriated!

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