London’s Best Pubs – Up the Angel

Sunny days and beer in London

Sunshine and Londons best pubs, is there anything better?

With summer well under way and a bit of decent weather for a change, you are probably looking for things to do in London.  Look no further, we have pulled together a great little walk in the Angel, Islington.

This is one of those areas that most Londoner’s just never really go – unless you work in the area or your dad is in the Pentoville nick!

If you are bored of your local pubs and fancy a change, then this is a great little walk and is ideal for a Sunday afternoon.  The Angel is famous for the Chapel Road market, so you can get to the pub and even keep ‘er indoors happy!

The Best London Pubs in Angel

The Charles Lamb one of Londons best pubs in Angel

Vive la difference! A London "French" pub

Our research on places to visit in London takes us all over, but we reckon if you get up to the Angel, these four pubs are the pick.

There are a lot of pubs in this area and many are on Upper Street, the main drag out of London (the old A1, which will take you to Scotland after a hard day of driving).  Nothing wrong with those pubs, but you will easily find them, so you don’t need us to show you!

We have selected 4 pubs that are off the beaten track, as you may not think to head down the backstreets.  Here at the London Pub Crawl Company, it is our aim to guide you to the best London pubs.  If in our quest we can surprise you, then we are happy and will celebrate with another fine pint of English ale!

This walk is on our new app, currently being poked and probed by those men in white coats at Apple.  We hope it will be realsed by the end of August.  We reckon it will be the best pub app for London.  Did we say…

The best pub iPhone app for London!

Londons best pub app

Our app for iphone is coming, probably the best app you can have

We certainly did and we reckon you will love it.  Sign up Here to recieve notification of our launch offer of half price (in the first week only).

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