Notting Hill Madness!! And some of the best pubs in West London

It’s the August Bank Holiday and that can mean only one thing.

Best London Pubs in Notting Hill

Notting Hill Carnival 2006

The Notting Hill Carnival is on 28th and 29th August.

One of the best places to visit in London is the Notting Hill Carnival. It is the biggest street festival in Europe and has been pounding out calypso and reggae music since 1966.  The carnival has 40 static sound systems where you can chill and groove to your hearts content. This really is one of the top attractions in London.

If you are looking for a great day out in London, then the Carnival has about twenty miles of colourful costumes that will pass you by as you stand on the street corner watching this wonderful spectacle. Food stalls selling a variety of Caribbean and ethnic foods will tempt you with their smells and the beautiful smiles of the West Indian ladies often serving.

Notting Hill is the second biggest street festival in the world, second only to Rio!

Picture of Rio carnival

Not the sort of bums you find in Notting Hill!

But patience is something you must take with you as you could be one of the 2 million fellow revellers over the two days of festivities.

Don’t miss it as it is one of the things to see in London.

More Notting Hill Carnival information here


London Pub Crawl app for iPhone buttonBut if the crowds are just too much for you and the music too loud, then we can recommend a couple of great pubs close by, just download our London Pub Crawl app for iPhone.


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