The Other Notting Hill, More of Londons Best Pubs

Well the streamers and kettle drums have been put away for another year and the street cleaners have just about tidied up after last weeks street festival.  So while the streets and pavements are clean, why not take a wander around the other side of Notting Hill.

Portobello Road
Visit the Portobello Road Market


Our free walk this month is to the north side of Notting Hill wandering along the Portobello Road market. This trendy market has been around for a long time, as the area of Portobello was originally a farm – named after Puerto Bello in the Caribbean (Admiral Vernon captured the town in 1739.)

But it is now probably more famous for Hugh Grant bumbling his way around the area in the film Notting Hill.

As a local puts it:

Portobello Road Market with some great pubs

A great day out

“So famous is the film Notting Hill that I find scarcely a week goes by without someone or other asking me about the various set locations: the blue door, the travel bookshop, the garden fence and so on. So why do they ask me? Well, because I work on the market – so now you know that the information here is straight from the ‘orses mouf, as the cockneys say – actually I’m really quite posh, but I didn’t want to dispell your image of what a market trader is like!”

Hugh Grant star of Notting Hill

Cheeky blighter, what five pounds???

Our friendly traders site is here.

So for a great day out in London, grab your Oyster card, download the crawl and head off to Notting Hill.  Oh and if you see Hugh, tell him Jonno wants his £5 back!

The other Notting Hill pub crawl


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