The Best London Pubs Won’t Kill You

Is beer that bad

What is left for us now?

In recent news we have been scared sh**less that drinking alcohol will now give us cancer.  Crikey is there anything left that we can enjoy?

Once upon a time they said that drinking red wine was good for you and that a little tipple would do you no harm.  Indeed I remember my gran being prescribed a bottle of Guinness a day to help her with an iron deficiency (it was the only way they could get her to leave the hospital!)

Death by London Pub?

But now nothing is safe.  Of course we are now living longer due to healthier lifestyles and better medicine, so is alcohol really killing us, or is it a case that because we are getting older we are more prone to the impacts of age?

There can be only one place that this important research can be undertaken, in one of London’s best pubs!

So pint in hand we found a cosy table in our local to search the internet for some facts and figures.  We found the following:

  • Chances of dying from cancer                                        1-in-5
  • Chances of dying from falling down                               1-in-246
    (sadly this statistic does not say if they were drunk)
  • Chances of being killed by natural forces                      1-in-3,357
  • Chances of being hit by a bus                                         1-in-500,000
    (except in Perth, Western Australia, where the chances are much higher!)
  • Chances of winning the lottery jackpot                         1-in-13,983,816
    (assumes a 6-from-49 lotto – note that most lotteries have much worse odds)

Frightening statistics and just shows that it is not worth buying a lottery ticket!  It is however a stark reminder that enjoying our London pubs should not be taken for granted.

Picture of movie poster Armegeddon

Bruce Will is out of a job

But on a brighter side, the chances of an Earth-impacting asteroid killing you have dropped dramatically from about 1-in-20,000 in 1994 to something like 1-in-200,000 to 1-in-500,000.

The new numbers (their range reflecting the need for further research) were offered up recently by Clark Chapman of the Southwest Research Institute and David Morrison at NASAs Ames Research Center.

“A significant part of it is that we have now discovered, in the last dozen years, a good fraction of the largest, most deadly asteroids and found that they won’t hit the Earth,” Chapman told LiveScience.

Well that’s comforting, but puts Bruce Willis out of a job!

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