‘No parmesan for you!’ – at the best Italian restaurant after a London pub walk or crawl

The best app for London PubsIt was only recently that we decided that we needed to revisit some of the best London pubs in the pub crawls we first looked at, particularly so we could test out our iPhone app.

If you want the details of our amazing pub crawl smartphone app, there asre more deails and screen shots.  We reckon this will be one of the must-have iPhone apps for London.

The best London pubs need the best London pub app

So after a hard days work we ventured up to Bloomsbury for one of our favourite pub crawls in our app.  It was a great night and we decided to top it off with some amazing Italian food at Ciao Bella.  Troy’s uncle had been here several times, but got into a bit of a ruckus with one of the waiters one night when he asked for parmesan cheese on his spagettii marinara. The waiter refused, got a little surly with him and walked off!

The Parmesan Nazi on the best pub crawl in London


With this in mind, Troy decided to see if it was just a one-off.  After all the meals had been served and the waiter had given everyone parmesan on their dish, Troy asked “Excuse me, may I please have some parmesan on my spaghetti marinara?” 

“No, you cannot” the waiter replied and then just walked off. It was remincent of the Seinfeld episode with the  Soup Nazi!

Of course the waiter was absolutely correct in his refusal and as one of the other waiters advised when someone else asked for cheese, he replied – “no, no, no, no!  It will ruin the flavour of the mussels.”

So, good to see reataurants that value their own food – and this is (still) our recommendation as somewhere to eat at the end of our Bloomsbury Crawl.

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