The Best London Pubs near Wapping, Canary Wharf, Rotherhithe and London’s East End

When we talk about Londons best pubs, we really mean London’s best pubs (or do we mean the best pubs in London ?- not sure really!). So many times we get people telling us about some sports pub in Hackney or the Walkabout (an Australian-themed ‘pub’, now a chain), but honestly – are these really in the category of London’s best pubs?

We think not.

London’s best pubs in Wapping and Rotherhithe

The east end of London is packed full of really good pubs and here in the office we are putting the final touches to our “London’s Historic Docks” walking tour. We reckon this makes for a great day out in London as there are so many other things to see very close by.

London’s Historic Docks

Pub tour in front of Canary Wharf

Another great night out

This is such a great walk from Bermondsey to Wapping, with five stunning pubs. Yes that’s right, this fantastic walk takes you to 5 of London’s best pubs – and they are all on the river Thames. These really are London’s best river pubs.

However, as two pubs share the same brewer we suggest you look through the first pub (one of the two from the same brewer), and get yourself to the second pub for more quality time. The second pub is probably London’s most historic pub. It has so much history it needs a few pages in our wak to get it all in.

Tower Bridge - One of our great walksNot content with giving you Londons best pubs, our Old London Docks walk takes you to perhaps the best viewing point of Tower Bridge.

Even though I grew up in London, it still takes my breath away to see this fantastic bridge either in the morning sun, or lit up at night.

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