London Pubs and Silly Cups

Picture of cup - no beerI was on my way into the office after reviewing another one of London’s best pubs and decided that with the sun shining and a bit of blue sky, a pause for coffee would be good. It was also a convenient stop to make a few calls too.

Coffee shops with silly cups

Walking inside, I placed my order for a long black at the counter and said I would sit outside. “OK” says the girl “someone will come out and take your order”. Why they thought it would be necessary to take my order when I had just asked for what I wanted is beyond me. It was about 20 minutes later when I complained, having made a few calls and done some internet research, that I had no coffee.

I went inside and explained that I ordered a coffee at the counter, but someone would come out and take my order, but no one had. The waitress looked at me like I was stupid and asked what I wanted. “A long black”, I replied and off she went.

London Pubs use proper cups and glasses

silly handled cup

Honestly - what were they thinking?

My coffee came out quite quickly in a ceramic mug with the smallest handle I have ever seen! It was next to useless as you had to squeeze the handle between your fingers to have any hope of picking it up and getting coffee into your mouth.

Why do they provide hot drinks in such silly cups?

You feel like you have to hold your little finger up as though in a period drama. “More tea m’lordship??”

Shepherd Neame AdThankfully a pint comes in two glasses, straight or a mug. OK, the straight glasses come in different designs from cylindrical to the standard glass with a bulge at the top.

But mugs, well they are dimpled and have a big handle – enough to get your whole hand into! (well mine at least and that is all I care about).

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