Fosters is taken by the POM’s (but don’t tell the Aussies)

Streewth Cobber, those pom’s have stolen our beer!

Iconic Aussie beer - Now English Owned

Another tinny with the barby Bruce?

It was with some interest we saw the newspaper headline the other week that Fosters – that iconic Australian brewery – has been taken over by the Anglo-South African giant SABMiller.

The company was bought for a staggering $12.3 billion (about £7.7bn) and that would keep you and every one you know “in beer” for a very long time!

The Fosters company also owns VB, which was known as Victoria Bitter, but changed its name to something easier so their customers would be able to ask for it!

Fosters lager – Now an English lager!

Chysler Building New York Jonnos photoFosters was started in 1888 (strangely, the time when Jack the Ripper was terrorising London – check out our great new walk) by two brothers William and Ralph Foster, who brewed their first lager in Melbourne.

The brothers were from New York and owned a refrigeration plant, which was handy given the hot conditions in Australia. They sold the company a year later and went home.

So, Fosters was not really an Australian beer (but don’t tell the Aussies!).

Fosters – The Australian Lager – from New York!

Interestingly SABMiller was established around the same time in 1886, but in Johanasburg. SABMiller has more than 200 beer brands under its belt and over 70,000 employees in more than 75 countries. We were surprised that such a giant beer company had been around for so long, but then beer has been around a lot longer.

It is unlikely that this takeover will have any impact on beer sales, indeed SABMiller may even get some more iconic advertising for this well known beer to boost sales even further. Recent news is that there is an expectation for beer sales to increase once we are out of the current financial crisis! Really???

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