Great London Pubs and some fighting culture

The best pubs don’t have a fighting culture

Boxing for a pint

Put my pint down!

Growing up in London and drinking in some of London’s best pubs, I have occasionally fallen foul to the drunken idiot who wants to fight.

“Not content with being a dickhead, they think their fists need a workout too.”

Thankfully pubs where this is likely to happen are relatively easy to spot and don’t make it into the London Pub Crawl Company’s great pub app for iPhone (Android is coming).

As far as we are concerned, such behaviour is intolerable and landlords should bar such trouble makers. Pubs are for enjoyment and socialising.

The best London pubs to fancy a pint, or fancy a fight?

It was after a great night out of researching London’s great pubs that we had an epiphany (a brainwave, to you and I). Walking back through the Elephant and Castle we noticed some very dodgy looking pubs. Rough looking types were hanging about outside and the atmosphere inside was rather unpleasant, which is why those pubs are not in our app!

We were discussing a pub website (that many of our readers may know), and thought perhaps we should secure the domain ““.

Fight club image - not for londons best pubs

Not in pubs on our app - Thank you!

Troy eagerly pulled out his phone to do an Internet search and to our surprise the domain had already been registered!

Although there is no site, we were rather disappointed that our brainwave had been scuppered. Still in hindsight, why would you want an app that showed you all the pubs where you would be likely to get beaten up?

Far better to get an app that will guide you to the best of London’s pubs, which coincidently you can find here.

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