London’s Best Pubs and that yellow stuff called Lager

Since starting the London Pub Crawl Company we have been asked,

“so what is the difference between an ale and a lager?”

Pint of lager imagefrequently. This is replied with “we don’t drink lager!”

But in reality it is actually the brewing process. Not really material for our blog, so we do have a page about ale, giving what we hope is a correct and simple explanation.

pints of aleIn our travels to expose the best London Pubs we have not really considered pubs that serve lagers in our quest. Mainly because neither of use choose to drink lager, particularly when ale is available!

That is not to say that there are not some rather fine lagers available.

On a hot day a clean, crisp Pilsner is very refreshing and goes down a treat.

A few of our favourite bars dotted around London do not serve ale, such as Bradleys Spanish bar located in Hanway Place, just off Oxford Street. We found this cool bar when researching pubs in Fitzrovia, that area north of Oxford Street to the west of Tottenham Court Road.

We found another great bar in Clerkenwell whilst researching a great crawl from Chancery Lane to Farringdon, but you’ll have to get our London pub app to find that gem!

So whatever beer you like, you know you can find some of the best pubs and bars in the world, right here in London – the pub capital of the planet.

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