The best Christmas presents, gifts and gift ideas, London pubs – of course!

Christmas tree with no beer under!Here we are at the end of the year and those envelopes with charity stickers tell us that Christmas is upon us. Office parties are in full swing and the mistletoe is delicately placed to gain some amorous advances from those you have desired all year. The brief encounters and some not so brief, are to many what really makes a good Christmas.

Time to Party in London’s Best Pubs!

For others, it is the giving of presents that is a pleasure as much as it is to receive. But in these hard financial times it is hard to find presents that are useful and show that you have actually thought about the one you are buying for.

The best Christmas presents

As with every office all over London, our attention turns to the question of;

what to get the man who has everything

My girlfriend is always complaining (almost stopped there actually) that I am so hard to buy for. But that is just not true. As a bloke, you should know that if it has anything to do with sex or beer, we are gonna be happy! OK the first one may present some problems unless you are very close, but the second, well….

The Best Present

We had a vote in the office and six pack of a nice selection of beer was thought to be an inexpensive present that would have hours of fun (we reckon about two and a half to be precise!). A bottle of a nice malt, for some one a little closer. But we all agreed that the London Pub Crawl app would make an excellent present. You can even use it on Christmas day and every day there after!

The best blokes present – The London Pub Crawl app!

Annoyingly, Apple are not the most easy apps to buy as you will need their phone to download, but hey, just go to the app store, get them to download it and give em a fiver! Simple. Got Android? We should have that live next week, so check back and we’ll show you how to download it. All the details on how to download the London Pub Crawl App!


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