The best London pubs are now so easy to find, just the thing for Christmas

Bah Humbug!

Yes it’s Christmas and that means it is obligatory to have an office Christmas party. For us it was a hard choice, but the style of venue was, of course, already known. But with over 7,000 pubs in London it is a hard choice to make – even if we are experts in the field (well, we think so). But we had some long and hard arguments about where we should go.

What is London’s best pub?

Image of office party - use the pub

London has great pubs - use them!

Our debate had become a little passionate, although some in the office used harsher words (for f*** sake, will you two shut up!) as we just could not reach agreement. But the answer was at hand. As one of the juniors pointed out “Don’t you have an app for that?” With embarrassment written all over our faces we realised, of course we have the lucky dip on the app. What better way to choose one of London’s best pubs out of the 160 in the app.

Our choice was easy with the LPC app “Lucky Dip”

This actually gave me a good opportunity to test out the best Android app for London pubs, as I don’t have an iThingy-ma-jig. Android phone out, select pub crawl app, hit start, press Lucky Dip – and behold our pub Eldorado magically appeared.

office party image

Party Hard! but not that hard!

Oyster card in hand we headed for the Northern Line and that smashing pub, the Holly Bush up in Hampstead.

We all agreed it was a great choice with a good lunch and excellent ales, just the thing to kick off Christmas.





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