The best pubs and beer for Christmas and the best London pubs

Christmas tree of bottleIt has been a good year 2011, but sadly in two weeks it will be all over. But first there is turkey and pudding to be eaten, presents to be unwrapped and hangovers to be shook off! This is such a great time of year to head down to one of London’s best pubs and have a few rather nice drops of beer.

But what beer? I hear you ask.

London’s best winter ales

One of the lovely things about winter is the more heavier beers that get brewed. One of my favorites has always been Young’s Winter Warmer. More about Winter Warmer on their web page.  I remember a very cold night at the Bull’s Head one Christmas with my brother. After a few pints of Winter Warmer I was on a roll and asked out the prettiest girl in the pub! My jubilation turned sour after an expensive meal and a monologue about her ex boyfriend. Yeah lets just leave that one there shall we!

Anyway, as the Young’s website states:

A welcome sight on the bar during the winter months, Winter Warmer is the ideal beer to cosy up with in front of a pub fire on a cold winter’s night.

Jesus Christmas cardWe agree!

We have had a few Christmas cards too and I had to share this one. Sort of wrong in this politically correct age, but funny I thought!

I also stumbled upon this rather nice recipe on the Bavaria website. Crispy duck with a Pils and mushroom stuffing. Yum!

And finally the Bristol Beer Company has release their 12 stouts for Christmas, marvellous! But Auntie will not approve!



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