Great new beers in Londons best pubs. Created by Fullers

We got excited in the office the other day. It does not happen often, normally birthdays and Christmas, but the other day was different. No, we didn’t find London’s best pub, nor a new pub that we fell in love with (good enough to add to one of our London pub walk PDFs or even our iPhone and Android app for London pubs). But is was close!

Fullers release new beers!

We have always loved a drop of London Pride, a true London beer ideal for consuming in one of London’s best pubs (or crap ones for that matter). So when we read that Fullers have released 2 new beers, it made our hearts sing. “This calls for some dedicated research!”, TT voiced from the far end of the office. We scrapped the following from the Fullers website, but you can make up your own mind when you try them.

February & March: Fuller’s Front Row

Fullers hand pump imageFront Row is a wonderfully moreish 3.7% beer, which will be available throughout February and March in selected Fuller’s pubs. It is a lovely light ruby coloured ale which is certain to quench the thirst even after the toughest battle in the scrum. Hmmn – sounds like they are drinking in the same pubs as us on a Friday night!


Late March – May: Gales Spring Sprinter

Spring Sprinter Pump ClipA delightful 4% ale, with subtle gooseberry flavours from the Nelson Sauvin hops in the brew. With the weather improving daily, Spring Sprinter will be the ideal ale to savour in your favourite pub garden while taking in spring’s new found freshness. I like the optimism in this!  — Jonno

You can find out more on the Fullers Brewery website.

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