Welcome to 2012, the year of the London Olympics and London Pubs

The party is over, the turkey is all gone and the hangover from New Years Eve feels like a dim memory. Welcome to 2012, a year of surprises (maybe) and the London Olympics. It will do London so much good to host the Olympics this year. A ray of hope in what has been a time of doom and gloom with the current world outlook. Let’s hope it gets better this year.

London Olympics LogoThe London Olympics – time to party, in the best London pubs!

We anticipate a huge influx of visitors to London with the Olympics and can expect that a lot of our beloved pubs will be rather busy. There is debate whether pubs over in the Stratford area will get busy. Certainly Stratford pubs will be busier than normal, but will they actually attract spectators from the games? Also there are a lot of venues dotted around, so let’s hope the love of the tourist wallet graces the whole city! We would recommend a London walk or walking tour, using our iPhone or Android app – or one of our pub walking tour PDFs.

7 tips for visiting the London Olympics

Knowing that our site is viewed by beer and London pub lovers all over the world, we thought we would provide our 7 tips to help guide you safely through your visit to the London Olympics.

London is a relatively safe town, but as with any city destination, the emphasis is on you to safeguard your own safety. So when travelling to London to visit the Olympics what are our 7 tips?

  1. Get yourself an Oyster card for London Transport travel. It’s easier and means not getting your wallet out in busy railway stations.
  2. Don’t travel with large handbags. This is obvious, but it is surprising how many women do carry a lot of excess baggage with them when on holiday (some say husbands!). If you can, leave your handbag in the hotel safe and just take enough cash, your Oyster card and a credit card.
  3. Leave your jewellery in the hotel safe. No one cares what you look like at the Olympics, they just want to see the action.
  4. Don’t travel alone very late at night outside of the central city area. After the games, settle into a nice pub close to your hotel if you fancy a drink. To find a nice pub download the Best London Pubs iPhone app from the Apple App Store.
  5. Don’t drink and drive. With so many fabulous pubs in London there really is no need.
  6. Don’t use unlicensed taxis. Download these apps to plan a safe journey - Addison Lee, Kabbee
  7. Enjoy London – it’s a fabulous city with so much history and so many things to do.

So once you have enjoyed the games, what then?

Well, we would recommend you get yourself one of our spledid pub crawls, either download a PDF or download our brilliant London pubs app for iPhone and Andoid.

Jack the Ripper London Walk

There are a few guided tours of this gruesome murderers old stomping ground. We suggest – if you don’t have the time, or cannot get on a tour – you try our downloadable Jack the Ripper walk.

St Paul’s Cathedral London Walk

St pauls A fabulous piece of architecture by Sir Christopher Wren. Walk the Millennium Bridge from the Southbank for an awesome view. A great route along the river Thames, with a few nice London riverside pubs.



Fullers brewery and the Hammersmith Riverfront Walk

For something a little different, how about a visit to a London brewery? The Fullers brewery is located in Chiswick and is a 20 minute walk from the Tube. After (or before) you can walk along the river to Hammersmith and visit 4 lovely London pubs on the waters edge.

All of these walks are in our iPhone or Android app guiding you to only the best pubs in London.

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