The best London pubs may result in a hangover!

How much for a Hangover?

Pint of beerIn recent news it has been reported that an increasing number of Britans are suffering with hangovers. Recent Government figures show that we drink an average of 5,800 pints of beer in our life time. With beer currently sitting in London pubs at about £3.25 a pint, that is a staggering £18,850! That does not include wine or spirits.

It is also reported that you will also suffer 726 hangovers and that works out at £25.96 each!

An average beer hangover costs £25.96

Medical “experts” say that this is a big problem, but is it? When you think that most of us can expect to be kicking about until we are 80, then things are not as bad as perhaps they appear. Our legal drinking age, even though it is reported that most people start drinking at 14, allows us 62 years to imbibe or favourite ale. That is a whopping 22,630 days of your life. So the 726 hangovers equal one hangover every 31 days.

London street sign

Well I know I certainly don’t have a hangover every month, so that means that to make up for my poor record, someone else has a hangover twice a month! (I suspect Troy!!!). Even when I was young I don’t remember having hangovers that often!  So when we look at these statistics – which are derived from a survey of 2,000 people – I think it is clear to see that it is a bit of an over generalisation.

The most disappointing statistic is that just 17% of people questioned said they regularly visited the pub. This is sad news and so it is not surprising that so many pubs are going out of business.

Only 17% of us regularly visit the pub!

Another interesting statistic is that we drink on average 8,700 glasses of wine in our lifetime. This is 2,900 more glasses of wine than pints of beer, which means you drink 50% more wine than beer. Who the hell did they question?????

Perhaps this shows that such surveys can be very unreliable when taken out of context to who was interviewed and how many. I am sure in West London such figures may be true, but in Newcastle, I doubt if a young Geordie lad would be supping wine until very late in life (and based on those numbers that’s a hell of a lot of catching up!)

All we can take from this survey is that we all need to visit our local London pub that little bit more to make sure we don’t lose them.  To find them, don’t forget to download our London pub app. And remember, the next time you wake up with a hangover – it only really cost you just under £26!

So where are the best hangovers? In London’s best pubs of course!

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