London pubs in Victoria, Pimlico, Buckingham Palace, Westminster, River Thames

A Lack of Pubs in Victoria

I once worked on Victoria Street and had to catch the train in from the suburbs. That was along time ago, but the area around Victoria has not changed much. It’s still dreary and uninspiring. Commuters look depressed, even on a Friday. So my adventures in searching for London’s best pubs was not something I was looking forward to.

Hunting for London’s Best Pubs

To the north side of Victoria Street there is Buckingham Palace and some gorgeous pubs in Belgravia (check out our fabulous crawl in Belgravia), but to the south it is a sea of bland and uninteresting. To be honest I never liked the area when I worked there. A lunchtime drink at the Greycoat Boy was more functional than enjoyable.

We searched high and low to find 4 decent pubs that would be worth your time and effort coming here to experience. Sadly our attempt was somewhat in vain. Now, that is not to say that there are NO good pubs here, but let’s be reasonable, you don’t want a 5km walk around the houses just to sample a few pubs. Having said that, we do have a couple of crawls that are quite long such as our Hammersmith River Thames walk, but on a sunny day a walk along the river is rather splendid.

Time is Precious!

Brass Monkey

A rare find

So we have no walks in the Pimlico area of London. We believe your time is precious, so why waste it in rubbish pubs!


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  1. Chris says:

    It’s a Greencoat the Boy has – not a Grey one! :O) The Cardinal (now the Windsor Castle) is a good pub and the Brass Monkey (pictured) is fine, but they are not a patch on The Cask and Glass to the north of Victoria Street and most notably The Star of Belgravia a 10 min walk away.

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