London’s pubs asked not to run dry for the 2012 London Olympics

We are very excited to put our support behind the 2012 London Olympics, in the way only we know how – guide visitors to London to only the best 160 pubs in the pub capital of the world! Using our iPhone or Android app you can seamlessly visit 4 great pubs near a Tube station, walking them in the order we’d recommend and stopping at one for a good feed. Or, if you only have time for a cheeky one, go straight to our favourite on that walk.

With the pub capital of the world – London – already serving 62 million pints of beer to pub-goers and visitors, every month (yes, every month!), we expect that number to peak in late July / early August 2012 when the Olympics roll into town.

Even the Mayor, Boris Johnson (BoJo), is emphasising how important London pub’s will play in the visitors to London for the games:

Greatest London pubs according to Boris“London is gearing up for one of the most amazing summer’s this city has ever seen. The capital’s pubs and restaurants have a huge part to play in making sure the millions of visitors and Londoners heading out to enjoy themselves have a fantastic time throughout the Games.”

And the BBPA Chief Executive Brigid Simmonds summed the importance of the pub experience well:

“For overseas visitors, visiting a British pub is always near the top of the list of reasons to visit the UK. I am sure we will have some Olympic and Paralympic beers, and with teams from 200 countries competing in the UK alongside some 30,000 unaccredited journalists, we have a real opportunity to showcase the UK and British beer and pubs to the world.”

She went on to say:

“It is hugely important that pubs do not run dry and beer can be properly distributed despite road closures for Olympic lanes and local roads.”

Hear, hear!

Fancy a pint when you visit London for the 2012 Olympics!?

We cannot wait to help guide some of the Olympic tourists and visitors to London’s magical pubs. We have slaved for months over cold beer taps and lines, empty pints and in some pretty downright horrible pubs to distill the 7,000 London pubs into only the best 160 pubs for tourists to experience.

If you are visiting London for the 2012 Olympics then be sure to get the best iPhone or Android app for London pubs. We will ensure you walk into only a great English pub, and usually one hidden down a cobbled street or tucked away down an alley. If you don’t have a smartphone then use one of our London pub walking tour PDFs, we have many that are free.

The London Pub Crawl Co. focuses on only the best pubs in London – and with more than 7,000, that is a lot to choose from! We’ve taken all the thinking out, so you can concentrate on drinking.

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