Excuse me barman! There is a fish in my beer! And other London Pub stories

Well that may sound rather odd to a lot of you, but honest it’s true! We have heard some “corka’s” during our research of the 7,000 London pubs, to whittle them down to the best 160 pubs in London listed in our iPhone and Android smartphone app.

Great London Pubs and Ugly Fish!

A catfish

No No No - Not that sort of catfish!

The last time you thought you had fish down the pub was with a plate of chips – not so.

There really is fish in our beer. One of the key ingredients to help remove the yeast fines from our beloved beer is a product called isinglass. What sounds like a Norwegian superhero is actually a catfish in pubsproduct made from the swim bladder of a fish. Often that fish is a Vietnamese Catfish a rather large ugly looking brute at the best of times. The product is a protein and is similar to collagen, that stuff women pump into their lips to make them large and kissable. So making women pretty and beer clear all comes down to fish!

What’s this fish doing in my beer? Getting drunk sir!

image of lips wanting beer

She is of course, thinking about a pint!

But do not despair, for that fish in your beer is unlikely to be drunk. The protein attracts the yeast particles and as they bond, gravity takes over and they fall to the bottom of the barrel. So why add this product? Well it can take over 2 days for the yeast sediment to settle in our beer, making the whole process rather long. Our little fish speeds the process to about 6 hours. Getting beer to your local London pub fresher and quicker.

So next time your girlfriend complains about your beer gut, you can point out that it is no different to a Botox injection, but a lot cheaper.

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