The best beauty treatments – and beer! Rarely found in London’s best pubs

Catherine Zeta Jones and Beer

Catherine ponders another beer

During a break from my research on London’s best pubs, I was sitting in the doctors surgery and picked up a copy of one of those women’s magazines to pass the time. I was caught by an article talking about women’s beauty treatments and how various household products and foods can make good cosmetics. It was stated that the rather lovely young Welsh lass (well maybe not so young now) Catherine Zeta Jones will often wash her hair in beer to make it¬†shiny.

Catherine Zeta Jones loves Beer

Talking with Fred at my local he agreed that beer was a great beauty treatment in that it helps remove his wrinkles. I was perplexed as Fred has never struck me as one to worry about wrinkles. But he showed me how he gets wrinkles on his stomach, but after 8 pints of lager they are stretched out!

Beer is the Ultimate Beauty Treatment

Bill Yaryan and his monster gut

That is real and no wrinkles!

But most locals at the pub have a comment to make, but the barman summed it up beautifully. “Yes of course beer is a great beauty treatment”. “You should see some of the ugly ones that walk in here, but after several pints my regulars are drooling over them”. Well said, but a little bit sexist I thought. But then it works both ways as looking around at the patrons in my local, they ain’t gonna win any beauty¬†pageants.

A cooling beer

Well that one thing to do with American beer

So next time your girlfriend complains about her hair looking dull and lifeless, take her to the pub and have a beer. After a couple she won’t care and neither will you!

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