Queen Elizabeth II, The Queens Jubilee and a Flotilla Down the Thames. The best London Pubs on the River Thames

Queen Elizabeth II

I see no boats!

It’s not long now until the Queens Jubilee comes into full swing. It’s amazing to think Her Royal Highness has ruled over us for 60 years! Surprisingly, she is not the longest ruling Monarch in England – that was Queen Victoria who ruled for 63 years and 216 days. So our Liz has only a few years left to become our longest reigning monarch. I’m sure she will have a few swift pints in celebration of that!

Enjoy the Queens 60 years 

So what has the Queens Jubilee got to do with the London Pub Crawl Company? Well, more than you may think. As London’s best guide to great pubs, we can show you the best London pubs and all those good spots to grab a quick beer when you are out and about watching the Jubilee festivities. So the best place to sit back and imbibe a pint, well let’s see…

The best places and pubs to watch the Queens Jubilee

If you are going to Westminster to see what is happening around the Houses of Parliament then a great pub is the Westminster Arms, steeped full of British tradition and just a short stroll from all the sights. Although they have a passion for showing the cricket, this pub has a lot of character and walking back to St James Underground station via the alley to the side (Lewisham Street) gives you a terrific feel for Dickensian London. I am pretty sure that this alley must have been used in a few films of the period.

Wandering around Buckingham Palace 

After a wander around the grounds and parks surrounding Buckingham Palace, you may find yourselves in that desolate area known locally as Hyde Park Corner. For such a wonderful area, stumbling upon the rear of the Palace can be a bit of a let down. There is not much going on here and you may think you have wandered off the edge of the tourist map. But fear not, as to the south west of you is magnificent Belgravia and some amazing pubs. Stories of Will and Harry galavanting about are rife, but none have ever been confirmed. As Prince Philip once advised them “keep low chaps and watch out for slanty eyed people”.

Grenadier a short hop from Buckingham Place

One of Troys favourites

One of our favourite London pubs, the Grenadier, is hidden away in these back streets and even if we told you where it was, you would probably still miss it. So do yourself a favour, down load our Best London Pubs app for iPhone to get guided to this gem. This pubs feels traditional and yet a little exclusive with their “no photographs” rule. But don’t let that put you off, it’s to stop muppets photographing the rich and famous who frequent here (we believe this was favourite London pub of Madonna).

Watch the Queens Flotilla

Over the weekend of the 3rd and 4th June 2012 Her Majesty is being celebrated with a large flotilla of boats massing on the River Thames between Battersea and Tower Bridge. The embankment of the Thames will be packed, particularly if the weather is good (and it normally is this time of year). A great spot to capture the action with some amazing views is the Flounders Arms on Southbank. It’s a short walk from the Millennium Bridge and has a large outdoor drink area. This is not a great pub, indeed it’s a bit of a carbuncle on the waterfront of London to paraphrase Prince Charles, but you cannot get past the The famous St Pauls cathedralgreat views over the river to St Paul’s Cathedral.

So there are our tips for some top spots to watch the festivities and grab a nice pint.With more than 150 of the best London pubs in our iPhone and Android app, grab it now to be guided to only the greatest London pubs.

Enjoy the long weekend.

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