Will the beer run out for the London Olympics?

A few weeks ago the Lord Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, raised a concern that the pubs could run out of beer during the London Olympics.

Boris Johnson

Should I have another shandy?

This was a serious concern and hopefully has made breweries and publicans have a good hard think about what trade they could expect. It would have to be hard to predict though. This is England in summer, so you cannot expect that the sun will be shining every day (sadly). Let’s hope though, that the weather is good and our pubs do make a bit of extra money as we all know the current financial conditions are hurting a lot of us (oh, except banks as we bailed them all out and they have kept our money!)

Australia runs out of Corona

So it was with a wry smile that I read a report in a newspaper sent by a mate in Perth, Western Australia. He gets so annoyed when we tell him he hasn’t picked up a scots accent yet! Anyway, it turns out that with the recent beverage company buying and selling, there was a bit of a fire sale on Corona.

Now, this nice Mexican beer just happens to be one of the top selling beers in Australia and stocks are predicted to run pretty low. Indeed the situation is considered pretty dire as many pubs are expected to run out as the supply chain changes and new stock is brewed. Corona is brewed by the Fosters group Down Under, but they obviously didn’t learn anything from that – as Fosters is still crap! (great marketing though).

Watching the Olympics with a cold beer – Magic!

not the london olympics logo

The London Olympics logo that no one can use

But the worst news we recently read was that pubs cannot use the London Olympics logo or words to advertise that they might be showing events live of TV. Indeed, we read that a large team of lawyers has been engaged to protect the rights of paid advertisers to use the logo and the words of London Olympics. I hope that was an April fools joke, but knowing the bizarre nature of the international committees doing this stuff, it would not surprise us. Hitler would have been proud of such an authoritarian move!

Corona in Australia – Makes Mexicans cry!

Four x brewery

XXXX Brewery in Australia

So when you are down the pub during the London Olympics, spare a thought for our Aussie compatriots running out of beer! Actually, don’t! Serves ‘em right for thinking our brilliant brews are warm and flat and taste like piss (they should know, that’s all they drink).

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