The best pub walking tour of pubs in London for the 2012 Olympics

We know London pubs, and, there are a lot of them. How many pubs in London? Over 7,000 at last count. And no, we haven’t been to all of them but more than 500. Yep, the 2 founders personally visited more than 500 London pubs themselves. We walked the streets of London to distil those lovely establishments down into 160, and put them into our Android and iPhone London Pub Walk app. If you are here for the Olympics, be sure you are guaranteed to only walk into a genuine top-notch pub in London and sample fine English ale.

There are a lot of walking tours in London. From Jack The Ripper and Ye Olde City of London to The Great Fire walking tour. We haven’t found a London walking tour company yet which also shows you 4 great pubs on the way. Our smartphone app shows you the best 4 pubs near a Tube station, which we recommend you eat at (or a restaurant nearby) and which is our favourite of the four (if you only have time to visit one).

Visiting London, especially for the 2012 Olympics, is surely not complete without visiting a traditional pub. Ye Olde charm, open fireplaces or warming sunshine in the beer garden in summer, rude service, warm beer on the old hand pumps (otherwise known as ale) and tonnes of world and English history.

Self-guided walking tours to see the best pubs in London

Our walking tours take you to grand old pubs in London near Buckingham Palace (just behind it in fact, a stone’s throw is one of our top 5 of all London pubs – and was rumoured to be Guy Ritchie and Madonna’s local some years ago), the oldest pub on the Thames River (built in the reign of Henry VIII!), London pubs surely frequented by Jack The Ripper scouring for his victims and some of the best London pubs to eat in or share a view of the pub capital of the world.

And our London pub walking tours can be all done at your own pace, and at a time that suits you. Why settle for someone else’s schedule and be guided around by a person. Grab our iPhone or Android pub London walk app now and start exploring some of the 160 pubs we have listed. We think ambling through cobbled London streets with your iPhone or Android device to sample only the best pubs in London has to offer is one of the best things to do in London – a memorable way to enjoy your Olympic time in 2012.

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