A trip to London’s Olympic Arena to find great pubs in London!

In our continued search to bring you the best pubs in London, we ventured out east to the locality of Stratford. The London Olympics will be held here and it can be expected that the area will be flooded with tourists. It is our duty therefore to do some research to find the pubs that are worth visiting.

Sadly, out of the 15 odd pubs in Stratford we went to, there is really only 1 pub that we at the London Pub Crawl Company can recommend. Most pubs in the east end are dedicated to televisions and gambling machines and the pub becomes more of a utility, rather than somewhere you can just sit and enjoy the ambience with your friends.

Stratford has the London Olympics, but only 1 medal winning East End London pub!

Our research took us the the King Edward VI (47 Broadway, Stratford, E15 4BQ), located not too far from Stratford Tube station and shopping centre. Walking towards this pub, it has a promise of being something a little more akin to a good English pub. The 18th century façade is pleasing to look at, and the historic architecture is continued inside.

Stripped wood floors and wooden furniture give this pub a very traditional feel and the intimate nooks make it good for small groups. To the back and up some stairs is a large lounge area with skylights and art deco lighting. The pub exudes character and we would have no hesitation suggesting that if you are in need of a beer in Stratford, then the King William VI is where you should head.

The King William VI in Stratford is the only pub in London’s east worth visiting

It will be interesting to see how Stratford fares with the influx of tourists as even now it is busy and a little congested. It is not a place that you would choose to visit and the multicultural community can feel a bit threatening at times, sadly.

We really would not recommend hanging around here at night. So if you get to see some of the Olympics and come out in the early evening, get yourself back into central London and a great pub.

If you want to find all of London’s Best pubs, download our Best London Pubs app. Over 160 pubs located in the central areas of London with terrific atmosphere and ambiance. After the games, get yourself back into Central London and some of the most historic pubs – not only in London – but the world.

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