5 things to do in London when visiting for the 2012 Olympics – London pub walk is our number one

Here are 5 great things to do when visiting London, especially for the 2012 London Olympics.

1. Try an ale in a great pub in London

Of course, the number one thing we are going to recommend is to download our Android or iPhone London pub walking tour app and get exploring the greatest 160 London pubs we could find.

But there are many other things to do in London we think a visitor for the Olympics should do. Here is a quick list of 4 others.

2. Climb St. Paul’s Cathedral, and sample great London pubs nearby

This magnificent structure has some amazing history as well as beauty, inside and out. A little known fact is that the view from atop St. Paul’s is higher (and we believe better) than from the London Eye.

Why not grab our St. Paul’s walking pub tour PDF of this area too. We shows plenty of pubs in London near St. Paul’s Cathedral.

3. Visit the Churchill War Rooms, and two excellent Central London pubs near 10 Downing Street

It is argued that Winston Churchill was one of the greatest leaders in history, not just in the UK but the world. The war rooms tour is near Number 10 Downing Street list amazing near-misses during The Blitz, and feats of courage by Churchill and his team.

See the Churchill War Rooms website for more detail. You’ll see the two excellent pubs we recommend in our Android and iPhone app.

4. Hire a Boris Bike and go exploring, but be careful if doing a London pub crawl on a bike!

The Barclays Bike Scheme (also known as Boris Bikes, after the Lord Mayor – Boris Johnson – who introduced them to London) is a terrific way to explore the city. Like the Velib bikes of Paris, you can easily insert a credit card, be charged £1-2 for the day (as long as you return the bike to a bay within 30 mins – you can take it out again soon after and not be charged more) and meander through the historic London streets. There are plenty of bike stations around, so you can park your bike and pop into a nearby pub quickly and easily!

View more info on the scheme here. And here is a great iPhone app to find your nearest Boris Bike.

NOTE: If you do use our iPhone app to explore the best London pubs, be sure to drink and ride responsibly.

5. Visit Hampstead Heath, and see some of the best pubs in London

This oft forgotten park is actually one of the largest in London. It is a little out of Central London so does get missed. It is a short Tube or even bus ride away and we highly recommend checking it out. Not only does it have great pubs skirting it, but the landscape of the entire heath (park) changes a lot. There are 3 ponds to swim in (men, women and mixed!) and a terrific view across London – as good as from Primrose Hill.

Check out the Google Map of Hampstead Heath and be sure to do the pub walk from Hampstead Tube Station – it has one of our top 3 favourite pubs to eat at in London listed.

Remember to get our London pub walk iPhone app for the best pubs and try an English ale. It doesn’t taste as bad as it looks!

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