All Change at the Imperial Arms – Great Suburban Pubs in London

It was a long time ago when I used to venture down to the Imperial Arms in Chislehurst with my then girlfriend. It had always been a nice friendly local pub, so you can understand my horror when I returned in 2011 to find it was one of the worst pubs I had visited in London that year. Thankfully it has had a change of ownership and the new owners have made this pub worth visiting again.

New owners and new beginnings

The other  week I received an email from the new owners of the Imperial Arms asking if I could review my blog as they had spent a lot on money on refurbishing the pub. Well here at the London Pub Crawl Company, we are all for pubs and to get contacted by new owners is really great. So off we went to Chislehurst to visit the revamped Imperial Arms. Well, to say we were surprised was an under-statement. The pub has been quite nicely redecorated and now has a traditional local pub feel. The beer was well kept, fresh and chilled just right. If only more pubs could serve their ales this way, we would be very happy indeed.  OK, we admit that the pub is pretty new, but we really hope the new owners will keep to the standard that they have set themselves.

Great Beer and Pleasant Pub Atmosphere

The right side of the bar!

They have a new menu too, which we thought looked rather appealing and several of the customers we spoke with rated the Mediterranean platter. It’s nice to see the locals getting behind the pub as it was very busy when we visited. We headed off to a couple of other local pubs, which were actually quiet in comparison.

With the refurbishment and the well kept beers, we are pleased to announce that you can find the Imperial Arms on the next version of Best London Pubs app for iPhone. The app will take you to only the best pubs in London and is a must have for any local or traveller looking for that true pub experience.




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One Response to All Change at the Imperial Arms – Great Suburban Pubs in London

  1. Pete Orpington says:

    Went for lunch today to primarily enjoy the Mediterranean Platter.

    First off, the tiny car park was full and spaces on the narrow road were hard to come by. Looking at the lack of clientèle in the pub, I realised that the staff had probably taken most, if not all, of the spaces. Now come on chaps and chappesses, if this is the case.

    The menu had changed that week, and the Mediterranean Platter was no longer part of it. So we went back to our table to peruse the sum total of 5 mains. The special lunch offer (didn’t appear to be a particularly good deal) offered the same 5 choices. Ah, a specials blackboard – I’ll try the Szechuan Pork – “I’d better warn you that you only get three small pieces of pork”, warned the lady at the bar. Back to perusing the 5 mains, and most of us settled for the fish and chips. Some 50 minutes later, three of the four fish and chips arrived, “One of the fryers is broken”, we’re told. Served on breadboards the meals were lukewarm. The fourth eventually appeared, and it was hotter.

    Far from my hopes of this pub becoming a regular venue for us, we’ll not be darkening their doorsteps again. Which is a pity.

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