The worlds best pub – One of the Best Pubs in London

Bar with sheep

Ahh those wonderful country views!

In my travels around the world I am always looking for that perfect pub. An awesome pub that you just feel comfortable sitting in with a half pint and a paper, or on a bender with your mates. So when we talk about the worlds best pubs, then it really has to be in a western country and to be honest, it would have to be in the UK. Yes there are pubs in Australia and the USA, but most are really bars or fake pubs. You know the ones, especially imported from Ireland or some remote UK country village that now has no social hub. These can be nice places, but they are fake, so we really must discount them when we talk about the worlds best pub.

Imported Irish Pubs are fake!

A close contender on the world stage could be the Little Creatures Brewery in Fremantle, Western Australia. But it is a brewery, not a pub and therefore does not qualify. A pity really as it is a top location with an industrial pub aura and stunning views over Fremantle Harbour.

Is the worlds best pub in London?

Best London Pub

Another fantastic London pub

With over 7,000 pubs in London, you would certainly expect that the worlds best pub could be here. With pubs like the Jerusalem, Ye Olde Mitre and The George at Borough there are some fabulous pubs here. Certainly one of my all time favourites is the Jerusalem, a fantastic pub with great beers.

So here at the London Pub Crawl Company we want you to tell us about your favourite pub. Send us a photo too if you like so we can get a wall going in Facebook and share the worlds best pub.

But hang on, there is more. As we said the worlds best pub has to be in the UK, so that is a little unfair. We will also post the worlds best bar on Facebook too. Get “liking” and make a bar owner somewhere in the world very happy.

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One Response to The worlds best pub – One of the Best Pubs in London

  1. Steve says:

    Australia actually did have a lot of great pubs until the 1990s. Unfortunately, tradesman’s and union clubs have largely killed them off. There was a wonderful tradition of country Aussie pubs with a lot of character and a uniquely Australian vibe; long bar fronts, lots of small rooms, the rather un-PC ‘ladies longue’ and the covered front verandah. They were a little like the American Old West saloon, but minus the gun fights. ; )
    As for the London pubs, yes, they are in a league of their own.

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