London 2012 Olympics is hot – so cool down with a nice beer in a Great London Pub

Well, after much media attention on the “corporate Games”, the 2012 London Olympics has started.

Olympic medals

This is what it's all about!

Just a few days in and no gold medals for team GB yet, but there’s a while to go, so let’s get behind our Olympic hopefuls and cheer them on the best way we know – with a pint! But if you are over here as a tourist,then welcome and we encourage you to also join in the celebrations by wandering down to a fabulous London pub.

Celebrate gold with a pint at a great London pub!

We have heard that getting into the games can be a bit of a pain, even though half the stands look empty on the telly! If you are lucky enough to have a ticket to the Olympic Stadium, remember that you cannot take much with you. On the official website, they suggest “airport style” security measures will be in place. Well, that means airport style queues and delays and arrogant officials telling you that you can’t bring in water. They have prohibited liquids to 100ml. Of course this is probably not because of security, it’s to make sure that the official sponsors, Coca-Cola, can rip you off for a bottle of water once you are inside!  Need to know more, then here is a link to the official London 2012 website.

Come all the way to London to see an event – then what?

Some American friends revelling in London's awesome history!

If you are one of our regional or overseas guests, you may feel a bit deflated by the experience of queuing for 2 hours to see 30 minutes of sport. So, in your spare time, we recommend you get yourself on one of our great pub walks through London. If you have come over from the USA, then you will love our Old London Docks walk. This walk takes you along the river Thames with some fabulous views. We take you to the pub where Captain Christopher Jones set sail to take the Pilgrim Fathers to America. You can travel along the worlds first underwater tunnel and learn about some of London’s more gruesome history. To finish off, we guide you to London’s oldest riverside pub where you can have a nice feed and enjoy awesome views of Canary Wharf and the river. We love this walk and we know you will too!

Don’t drink? – that’s not a problem, you will still love this walk and all pubs serve soft drinks, coffee or even a nice cup of tea – just ask!

An awesome walk along the Thames – Old London Docks

We have several tourist style walks on our website to show you a different view of London. Check out our St Paul’s walk or even the gruesome Jack the Ripper walk, with all the horrible facts that you really dont want to know!

London is a fantastic city to walk around

London has some fantastic pubs and here are some links to brilliant apps that will help you explore all the best London pubs with ease on your iPhone.

LPC logoLondon Pub Crawl Company Pub Crawls

With 160 great London pubs neatly assembled in groups of 4 to give you 40 great little pubs walks all over London. Google mapping to guide you and static maps if you do not have data roaming.

Go to the iStore for London Pub Crawls

Go to Google Play for the Android version

This app is great for locals and visitors wanting to really explore London’s pubs.


Top 7 London PubsTop 7 London Pubs

With in-app purchase, this app lets you select the type of pubs you are looking for, with 7 great pubs in the following catagorires:

  • Top 7 London Riverside pubs (or pubs on the Thames)
  • Top 7 Historic London pubs
  • Top 7 London Rooftop/outdoor pubs
  • Top 7 Unique London pubs
  • Top 7 London Pubs to Eat At
  • Top 7 ‘Must see’ pubs in London

Go to the iStore for Top 7 London Pubs

This is a great option if you don’t have much time and want to focus on seeing the oldest or riverside pubs.

Matchpint logoMatchpint

Want to now where you can catch the London 2012 Olympic games whilst imbibing a pint? Matchpint is a great site that tells you where and when. A sport lovers dream!

Go to the iStore for Matchpint





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