Olympic Dreams Smashed Like Shop Windows – The Australians Are Definitely in Town!

There was an article on the news the other night regarding an Australian Olympian who was arrested by the Police for damaging shops windows. I didn’t hear if he had actually won a gold medal, as that would be a good excuse – sorry officer, I was celebrating winning a gold medal in the Olympics!  Sadly I didn’t hear anymore as to this young mans fate, but found an article in The Australian paper on-line. Well it turns out they actually lost!

Australian rower, Joshua Booth after a night spent commiserating his dashed Olympic dream. 

Joshua Booth in the dock!

I love the way his mate looks

“From what he had said to the policeman, he thought he was at home and was trying to get into his own home, just drunk and disoriented,” said a worker at B.W. Dartnell and Associates, where Booth allegedly used a large planter box to break a patterned glass window. (The Australian)

I am intrigued, don’t they use keys down-under?

The best quote came from AOC media director - ”We would be reminding our athletes again, because we reminded them on their arrival, that we expect athletes when they have finished their competition, to consume alcohol in a correct manner and behave appropriately.” From an Australian perspective it probably was consumed correctly!

But it got me thinking about our Australian friends who live somewhat ordinary lives “down under’, but come to London and well, frankly, just misbehave!

In many of the bars and pubs in London you’ll frequently hear those antipodean voices carrying on somewhere in the pub. It seems to be part of their national pride to come to London and drink themselves silly (some may say they don’t need to drink for that). Many a Londoner may mistake Aussies for Kiwis, but the Kiwis do have a reputation for handling their alcohol a little more quietly (a generalisation I know, but true in my experience).

So why do the Aussies descend on London and continually get shit faced?

I would love to know as in their country they mock British beer as “warm and flat”. So if you are an Aussie (or Kiwi) living in London, let us know why and tell us a few of your experiences. The best we will post and the first 10 will get a free app (let us know iPhone or Android).

Kiwi bride of the year

A Kiwi bride getting used to married life!

However, if you are not from down under and have a liking for “warm flat” beer, then you can find some wonderful pubs selling warm flat beer in our apps. Enjoy London and drink responsibly (yeah right, like that’s gonna happen!).

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