Best London Bars For Live Music

Here at the London Pub Crawl Company we love a bit of live music and our friend Steven has done some nifty research below:

Half a century has passed since the explosion of pop music known as the British Invasion, during which superstar bands like The Beatles, the Rolling Stones and The Who first made their name. And still today, London pulses with music. Its rich heritage of popular music, as featured during the 2012 Summer Olympics, shows that London is still the city to find exciting live British music.

Checking out live music in London can mean finding the next superstar. Here are some London bars where you might find next year’s pop wunderkind.

The Dublin Castle, Camden

An indie music lover’s dream venue, The Dublin Castle in Camden Town keeps the live music coming with several-times-a-week performances. The music is plentiful, with at least three bands (often four) hitting the stage each night, and prices are cheap, at only £7 per person for entry. On weekends, the Castle turns into a dance club, with a DJ providing beats after the live performances. The springtime Camden Crawl passes through the Castle, when you might catch a big name on the venue’s stage. Before her untimely death, Amy Winehouse was known to pop in for a set during the annual event.

The Bedford, Balham

One of the most unusual venues in London, The Bedford hosts such a wide range of events, it’s hard to think of it as merely a bar. It’s more of a restaurant/sports bar/fitness club/dance studio/music venue hybrid. Pop into The Bedford, and you might find a big game playing on the big screens, comedy cabaret, dance classes in progress, or even a dedicated group of fitness enthusiasts working it out to Zumba. It’s a great place to relax into the surroundings and play some digital pub games on or Angry Birds. Weeknights are dedicated to acoustic music. Entry to music performances is free, and you never know who you might see. KT Tunstall and James Morrison have both played The Bedford’s stage.

Passing Clouds, Dalston

A gathering spot with a purpose, Passing Clouds hosts events aimed at increasing community awareness and participation. The club’s “People’s Kitchen” on Sundays invites locals to bring in food from their pantries and gardens to create a meal to share with everyone in attendance, and discussion and film nights give the public a chance to talk about important issues within the community and the world at large. Despite its socially-conscious bent, though, Passing Clouds is a music venue at its core. Special events are held on weekends, while themed events are held during the week. On Tuesdays, spoken word and hip-hop are featured, while the Sunday Jam is a fusion of hip hop, reggae, Afro Latin and jazz soul.

Half Moon, Putney

A live music pub to the hilt, Half Moon has an undeniable music history that should make any music fan salivate. The Rolling Stones, Elvis Costello, KD Lang and Kate Bush have all spent time on the Half Moon stage. And U2 played their first sold-out performance there. Up-and-coming bands still play the Half Moon every night. Catching a performance at the Half Moon is ideal for soaking up history while checking out some of London’s coolest bands.

Ethnically-diverse and often experimental – see KT Tunstall and newcomer Ed Sheeran’s one-man-band performance styles – London’s music scene continues to be a source of some of the most eclectic music in the world. So, if you’ve got a free night when you’re in London, don’t miss your chance to catch an unforgettable show of one of London’s top music spots.

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