Beer and the Traditional British Cuisine – A Wander Through London’s East End and a Curry in Brick Lane

Chicken tikka massala - that great British dish

Only 10 pints of lager can kill the curry monster.

As the rain pats softly against the window we are contemplating where to go for our ritual Friday night beers. The pub down the road is getting boring as we always end up there and we know so many great pubs in London!  Years ago a great night out in London would be to head “up west”. But London is changing and you can now head almost anywhere. So this week it’s the east end for a bit of variety. This was also an opportunity to review our Jack the Ripper walk, or so I thought.

We decided upon a traditional British night out, beer and a curry. And if you are going for curry then, where better that down Brick Lane? Last time we were here we did a bit of bartering and got ourselves a pretty good meal and a good price. You have to be wary through, our friendly restaurant owners are not beyond pulling a fast one. You might think you agreed a price but sometimes there is a catch once you are inside. Some might say its just not cricket! But find a good restaurant and you’ll be in for a good meal and change for another pint after.

Brick Lane, what pubs to go to?

Artillery in Bunhill, LondonAs normal, we cannot just do one pub, we have to make a bit of a wander to grab some air between pints (and keep abreast of what’s happening!). We started off at the Artillery Arms up by Bunhill, the old London cemetery  It can be a bit creepy walking back through here at night, but good fun if there is a group of you.

Master Gunner Youngs Pub

Walking through to City Road we grabbed a pint of  Youngs Special in the Master Gunner. Not a fantastic pub, but handy when you are wandering around this area. There is a great cafe just north of here called Salvation Jane – run by some Australian chappies. They stock one of Australia’s best beers – Little Creatures pale ale. Nice coffee and food too, but closed when we wandered past (well it was pretty late).

Troy decided that a long walk was required and we ended up in the Water Poet on Folgate St. “A bit of research Jonno” as this one is not in any of our apps – you’ll have to get the app to see if we like it!

Our last stop before descending into a fine curry house was the 10 Bells on Commercial Street. This is an interesting pub as it is said that Jack the Ripper sought out several of his victims here. After hearing that I needed a drink!

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