Ghouls, Ghosts, Witches and Fireworks. Its Halloween and Bonfire Night all over London (time for a beer we think)

Outside its wet and the evenings are getting dark pretty early. Autumn is setting in and the weather getting wet and cold (OK, so it is most of the year!). At this time of the year as the seasons turn we have a few minor distractions to keep us from groaning aloud over the Christmas products adorning the shops.

Happy Halloween

Brown paper bag

Burning bags on doorsteps!

Unlike our American cousins, we Londoners don’t go in too much for Halloween. None of this trick or treating nonsense, upsetting your neighbours with childish demands for sweets or suffer some form of retribution. In various areas of the world such retribution is far too high a price to pay!  Jokes of burning bags of dog shit on your door step are really not that funny for the recipient (although its pretty funny to watch – not that we want to inspire anyone to play such a nasty trick!).

 Who Was Guy Fawkes?

Houses of ParliamentSo Halloween in London is a precursor to Bonfire night – a marvellous celebration of Guido Fawkes attempt to destroy the Houses of Parliament back in the 16 century. Our blog last year has some interesting details on this inspired piece of urban terrorism (as it would now be considered). It is rumoured that Guy Fawkes hatched the plot to assassinate King James I with his fellow conspirators at the George and Dragon pub in Ightham, Kent.

Where to watch fireworks in London

Fireworks imageFireworks are let off all over London and many are provided in organised events, such as Blackheath Common.  This free display attracts huge crowds, so expect it to be busy (100,000 people last year).

There are several pubs in Blackheath such as:

The Hare and Billet  1A Elliott Cottages – Hare & Billet Road, Blackheath, SE3 0QJ

The Crown 49 Tranquil Vale, Blackheath SE3 0BS

The Princess of Wales  1A Montpellier Row, Blackheath, SE3 0RL

Its hard to recommend a pub when they will all be packed to the rafters! If you want to avoid the crowds and just see the higher up fireworks, then a great pub is the Prospect of Whitby on the River Thames – the last pub on our amazing historic docks walk. Or you can find it easily in our app.  You should be able to see the fireworks on Blackheath form their deck.

So have a look through your local paper to find where there will be a firework display and wrap up, slip into a local pub for a warming ale before freezing your arse off watching the sky being lit by pretty fireworks. Time Out also have a listing of good locations for this years displays.

Of course you can easily warm up by slipping back to the same pub or another close by! Need to find one – use our app!


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