Christmas in London Festive Pubs and Great Nights Out

Is it really that time of the year again????

Sitting in the office the rain is splattering the window and we are discussing what to get our friends and family for Christmas. Really we should be discussing such important matters over a pint in a nice local pub, but it is a bit early (although Troy did point out its 5pm somewhere in the world!). More importantly where should we head for our Christmas function!

This year we fancy a few pubs with a point of difference. But with these hard economic times it would be great to go somewhere just that little bit cheaper. Well the answer for a good night out in the central area of London is in one of our great walks.

 Great London Pub Walks

Starting off in Holborn in a great pub, The Ship, hidden behind the station. This is a smashing pub and has a nice restaurant area upstairs. It’s always good to have a bit of a feed before imbibing a few nice ales over the evening. The Ship has a huge amount of character with its little lead light windows and cosy bar area. Often you’ll find this pub home to some of London’s top lawyers, whose offices are just over in Lincoln inn fields.


Wandering on from the The Ship, the Seven Stars is our next stop. This is a really old pub, well over 400 years old and has a somewhat eclectic decoration to its interior. Some feel that the pub has lost its historic charm, but the cosy interior decked out with film posters does have a certain character about it. The landlady can be a bit feisty we hear, but she has always charmed us during our visits. In summer this is a lovely looking pub with hanging baskets full of lowers flowing down the walls to the exterior. A very country pub feel right in the heart of our metropolis.


Our last port of call is the Knights Templar. Yes, that’s right it is a Wetherspoons pub and we not normally be seen dead in one of there. However, this pub is a converted bank and thankfully Whetherspoons have seen to retain a lot of the original interior, making this pub something quite special. And with beer that a little bit cheaper, this is a great choice for an evening out.


All these pubs can be found in our London Pub Crawl Co app for iPhone. A great Christmas present for anyone who likes pubs.


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